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Kansas community development — CECD can help

K-State Engagement E-News, January 2008 (PDF)

by Dan Kahl

Communities in Kansas are bombarded by issues that challenge their sustainability. Extreme weather events, global market economic forces, fuel prices, technological change and societal trends are all examples of events driven outside of the realm of control for rural Kansas Communities.

While control is an ideal that communities often strive for; it is actually change, and the ability to respond to it, that determines a community’s success. The world is in a constant state of change. What Kansas communities can be in control of, however, is how they organize, plan, collaborate, and implement both their responses to external community shaping events, and their management of resources and investment in the future.

To do this, communities need to become involved in organization, processes, and networks that provide a community the resilience and strength to guide their futures. K-State can help. Working through a network of trained facilitators we can help your community organize and plan for the future.

Call the CECD office at (785) 532-6868 to learn more about the resources available through K-State.