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One Health Kansas

K-State Engagement E-News, November/December 2009 (PDF)

by Alexa Hodes

One Health Kansas offers hands-on interactive programs targeted to K-12 students and educators

One Health Kansas offers hands-on interactive 
programs targeted to K-12 students and educators

Lisa Freeman is the associate vice president for innovation at the K-State Olathe Innovation Campus and a professor of pharmacology in anatomy and physiology at K-State's College of Veterinary Medicine. Freeman co-directs a project that is focused on developing the public health workforce. One Health Kansas was developed by Kansas State University in 2008 and is funded by a three-year grant from the Kansas Health Foundation. The program promotes awareness and understanding of the relations among human, animal and environmental health. These initiatives will strengthen the public health system by enhancing educational opportunities and engaging Kansans to become more aware of critical issues impacting their health.

One Health Kansas has several goals. First, to develop outreach programs for the general public, K-12 students and their teachers. Second, to develop an introductory survey course focused on public health topics. This course is offered jointly by K-State and Kansas community college partners and became available this fall. Finally, One Health Kansas plans to develop new courses and modules to infuse One Health concepts into existing public health classes and curriculum.

The program is offering continuing education classes to provide training for workers in health professions through K-State's Continuing Education program, the Olathe Innovation Campus and participating community colleges such as Johnson County Community College and Dodge City Community College.

For more information, visit One Health Kansas.