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Promoting Healthy Snacks Among School Children

K-State Engagement E-News, November/December 2009 (PDF)

by Alexa Hodes

Aly Rodee, AmeriCorps*VISTA for ICDD and CECD, enjoyed some specially formulated nutritious snacks.

Aly Rodee, AmeriCorps*VISTA for ICDD and CECD, enjoyed 
some specially formulated nutritious snacks.

Dr. Sajid Alavi, associate professor in grain science and industry, perhaps better known as, "Corn-puff Guy," along with Dr. Tandolayo Kidd, K-State Research and Extension and assistant professor of human nutrition presented their project about promoting healthy snacks among school children. The presenters then showed a video that explained their proposal of the development of healthy snacks for school children. The availability of high calorie snacks and beverages were what interested Alavi in this project. The four main objectives are to determine the attitudes of children towards healthy foods, develop grain-based healthy snacks, perform an evaluation of the snacks created and finally, to create an outreach program with industries and middle schools.

"Our idea was to visit with these schools and work with the health and PE teachers to be able to interact with kids and tell them about the snacks and how they are processed," explains Alavi, "if they know how these snacks are made then they will understand the idea of healthy snacks better."

Included in the video presentation were Alavi's partners Dr. Koushik Adhikari, assistant professor in human nutrition, Dr. Tandolayo Kidd, Dr. Mark Haub, associate professor in human nutrition and Elisa Karkle, graduate student in the department of grain science. A video is available on YouTube explaining the healthy snacks program titled, Healthy Snack Products for Children.