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Engaging Health, Changing Lives

K-State Engagement E-News, November/December 2009 (PDF)

by Nicole Baxley

Dr. David Procter, director, opened the colloquium

Dr. David Procter, director, opened the colloquium

The Center for Engagement and Community Development, CECD, sponsored a colloquium entitled "Engaging Health, Changing Lives" on October 29th. Held in the K-State Student Union, this forum was attended by K-State faculty, students and the surrounding community. Focused on improving the health of Kansans and citizens nationwide, this forum's goal was to bring education and awareness to an important issue.

Dr. David E. Procter, director of CECD, opened the forum by welcoming the audience and thanking them for their participation. Procter told the audience the goal of the colloquium was to connect the resources at K-State with the significant need throughout the state.

Mr. Jim McLean, vice president for public affairs at the Kansas Health Institute then presented his non-partisan work entitled "Critical Health Issues Facing Kansas and the United States." McLean surveyed the audience regarding their goals for the forum by asking the audience "if they were in attendance to purchase the best health care or to create the best health for citizens." Unanimously, participants agreed that good health was the overall goal. McLean informed the audience that the most significant causes of death are due to behaviors, lifestyles and personal choices. His presentation was an informative and effective way to begin the discussion on improving health of Kansans and citizens worldwide.