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Center for Engagement and Community Development

Presenter Application: 2018 Engagement Symposium

Powerful Dialogue: Engaging Community Issues in Polarizing Times

It's time to share your community-engaged work with K-State and statewide partners! Bring your experience, innovations, and collaborations on April 12!

Each spring, the Center for Engagement and Community Development hosts a symposium around a community engaged scholarship (CES) issue. Some years, we focus on community-based, cross-disciplinary public issues such as food insecurity, public health, learning gardens, civility, or civic leadership. In those years, we explore K-State's interaction with the issue by examining our community partnerships. Other years, we focus on scholarly practices such as service learning pedagogy or community-action research, highlighting both the theory and practice of conducting CES. In 2018, we focus on dialogue and deliberation as foundations for addressing polarizing issues while doing community work.

We are looking for case studies, success stories and model practices illustrating how community voice can be harnessed and applied effectively to civic issues. Issues may include but are not restricted to: affordable housing, public health, racial justice, food access, heritage preservation, and environmental sustainability.

We seek presenters and co-presenters from student, faculty, staff, and off-campus community partners who can offer insight into their collaborative goals and strategies. In each session, we expect to learn how forms of dialogue and deliberation can improve mutual understanding, give voice to those impacted by policy, and motivate progress toward shared solutions.

Deadline for submission has been updated to March 1.

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For faculty, staff, and community presenters.

For undergraduate or graduate students.

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For faculty, staff, and community presenters.

For undergraduate or graduate students.

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Choose the categories of groups involved.

This summary will be provided in the program and published in the CECD archive of annual engagement symposia. Please be sure that it accurately reflects your work.