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Center for Engagement and Community Development

Civic Engagement Fellows Program Overview

In collaboration with the Kettering Foundation and the Office of the Provost, K-State’s Center for Engagement and Community Development and KSU’s Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy have designed a community engagement curriculum that explores deliberation as a central form of community-engagement.  This project works to build campus / community relationships by integrating the use of deliberation into community-engagement research and teaching.  

The goals of the Civic Engagement Fellows program are to: (1) build a community of practice around community-engaged scholarship, (2) strengthen faculty and staffs’ understanding of and commitment to deliberation practices within community-engaged scholarship, (3) create faculty cohorts who address significant campus and community challenges and (4) become campus agents of change.

Elements of Fellows Program:
  • Each Fellows cohort will be eight to ten faculty / staff
  • Fellows will participate in a year-long, peer learning experience
  • Fellows will explore and engage with core literature in the community-engaged scholarship field
  • Fellows will receive a $500 stipend
  • Fellows will mentor other campus faculty interested in community-engaged scholarship
  • Fellows will present work at annual KSU Engagement Symposium
  • Summer:  Faculty and staff are invited to join Civic Engagement Fellows cohort
  • September: Convene and charge Civic Engagement Fellows cohort
  • Fall semester: Fellows participate in four professional development sessions
    • Why and what is community-engaged scholarship
    • Deliberative process models for community engagement
    • “What counts; what matters”: Embedding community-engaged scholarship into university evaluation procedures
    • Integrating deliberative practices and community engagement into university work
    • Spring semester: Fellows present some work product at annual KSU Engagement Symposium 

Civic Engagement Fellows Cohorts


  • Todd Gabbard (Architecture)
  • Vibha Jani (Interior Architecture)
  • Katherine Nelson (Geography)
  • Brianne Heidbreder (Political Science)
  • Amber Vennum (Family Studies and Human Services)
  • Elaine Johannes (Family Studies and Human Services)
  • Andy Wefald (Staley School of Leadership Studies)
  • Kathrine Schlageck (Beach Museum of Art)
  • Carol Sevin (K-State Libraries)


  • LaBarbara Wigfall (Landscape Architecture/Regional and Community Planning; Architecture, Planning and Design)
  • Laura Kanost (Modern Languages; Arts and Sciences)
  • Colene Lind (Communication Studies; Arts and Sciences)
  • Michael Tobler (Biology; Arts and Sciences)
  • Marlin Bates (K-State Research And Extension-Douglas County)
  • Julie Pentz (Music, Theatre, and Dance; Arts and Sciences)
  • Mithila Jugulam (Agronomy; Agriculture)
  • Linda Duke (Beach Museum of Art)
  • Aliah Mestrovich Seay (Student Services)
  • Greg Stephens (K-State Polytechnic, Salina)


  • Katie Kingery-Page (Landscape Architecture/Regional and Community Planning; Architecture, Planning and Design)
  • Huston Gibson (Landscape Architecture/Regional and Community Planning; Architecture, Planning and Design
  • Bruce Chladny (K-State Research and Extension-Wyandotte County)
  • Erin Yelland (Family Studies and Human Services, K-State Research and Extension; College of Human Ecology)
  • Brandon Irwin (Kinesiology; Human Ecology)
  • Kerry Priest (Staley School of Leadership Studies; Education)
  • Spencer Wood (Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work; Arts and Sciences)
  • Bonnie Lynn-Sherow (History; Arts and Sciences)
  • Laurie Baker (Communications and Ag Education; Agriculture)