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Center for Engagement and Community Development


  • Housing FAQs
  • Funding Availability - deadlines and details on several federal programs (Kansas Housing Resources Corporation)
  • Abbreviations
  • 2018 Summer Study Circles Resource Materials: Fifteen residents volunteered to study and discuss information from government, private, and non-profit sources that inform our choices on housing policy.  The following resource is a work in progress over the life of this two-year project. 
  • Interviews:  Students with the Healthy Communities Laboratory at K-State conducted extensive interviews with Manhattan residents to explore the impact of housing and other community features on health. In addition, interviews were pooled from a larger set conducted by the Community Solutions to Affordable Housing research team during 2017‐2018. Most participants in the selections presented here were recruited from those people who attended the April 12 2018 Housing Forum. With permission, summarizes of some of these interviews are highlighted here.
  • Personas: During the interview process, quotations were sampled that represented the viewpoint of an anonymous “persona” or type of stakeholder in the housing system. These illustrations can help launch the conversation on housing that demands a cross-section of residents from different parts of the community. (Drawings by Katie Kingery-Page)
  • Other Groups:  CSAH obtains valuable information from numerous community grassroots organizations and agencies dedicated to housing in MHK. Tracking the many events that offer opportunities for community engagement is a major challenge for everyone.  One attempt to centralize a calendar for citizens engaged with housing is offered by the Safe and Affordable Housing Action (SAHA) community discussion group. The online SAHA Calendar seeks your input.  Please email donnash@ksu.edu with suggestions and events.