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Center for Engagement and Community Development

Community Solutions to Affordable Housing (CSAH)

Led by the coordinated efforts of the Institute for Civic Discourse & Democracy (ICDD), Healthy Communities Laboratory (HCL), and the Landscape Architecture and Regional & Community Planning Department (LARCP) at K-State, CSAH was a two-year project funded by the Kansas Health Foundation. Our goal is to promote conversations about affordable housing and related issues. Through public engagement, CSAH organizers will bring together community stakeholders to facilitate discussions and generate solution proposals.  This website offers resources, events related to housing, and reports of public deliberation.

– Project History –

Final Project Report 2017-2019  

April 12 2018 Community Forum (ProgramForum Report)

May 4 2019 Community Forum (ProgramForum Report)

2018 Summer Study Circles (Executive Summary)

Two volunteer resident working groups selected their focus areas within the topic of affordable housing to investigate throughout the summer of 2018. Group 1 held study circles on June 27, July 25, and August 15, and Group 2 on June 30,  July 28, and August 18, after which they met together to share their findings and select final choices for solutions. Issue Briefs summarize their selected focus on Neighborhood Revitalization Programs, Rental Code Inspections, and Housing Trust Funds.  

2019 Summer Study Circles

Resident volunteers continued to read and discuss documents pertaining to potential actions listed by participants at the May 4 forum. For some study circles, research led to  formation of sustained advocacy groups.  For others, the solicitation of additional collaborators and formation of policy initiatives is an on-going process.  Contacts  are offered below to encourage more residents to contribute:   

  • Rental Inspection - Renters Together is advocating for updates to the Manhattan rental ordinance, and other reforms
  • Neighborhood RevitalizationA July Study Circle will be followed by conversations with neighborhoods to organize action addressing their specific needs
  • Community Land Trusts - After a study tour of the Lawrence Community Housing Trust, members of this circle are developing proposals for a pilot project focused on workforce housing. 

Public Dissemination Events, 2018-2019

Manhattan City Commission meetings:

  • October 2 2018 View - Scroll to 10/02/2018, Affordable Housing segment begins 16:40
  • October 30 2018 View - Scroll to 10/30/2018, Affordable Housing segment begins 03:09:50
  • March 26 2019 View - Scroll to 3/26/2019, Entire meeting dedicated to rental registration and inspection 02:19:43
Local issue learning:
  • November 9 2018 SAHA Seminar: Rental Housing Inspection (Brian Jimenez, Code Enforcement Manager, Lawrence) View Part1, Part 2
  • December 7 2018 SAHA Seminar: Community Land Trusts (Rebecca Buford, Executive Director, Lawrence Community Housing Trust) Powerpoint
  • January 10 2019  SAHA Seminar: Neighborhood Revitalization (Jeff Lynch, Community Development Coordinator, Emporia) Powerpoint and  
    Help for Owners of Historic Properties (Kathy Dzewaltowski, Manhattan Riley County Preservation Alliance) Powerpoint
  • May 25 2019 Region Re-imagined Built Environment Work Group visiting lecture Housing Affordability Problems in the Geary, Pottawatomie, and Riley County Area  Powerpoint,  Video

 Other meetings: