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Center for Engagement and Community Development

Business and Economic Development

Engagement activities seeking to enhance business and economic development and competitiveness, including but not limited to managerial, financial, technological, marketing, advertising, and public relations capacity of businesses, industries, associations, and governmental agencies. Entrepreneurship efforts and projects to help businesses develop, scale up, and utilize new technologies should be included here.

The following is a listing of business development resources available through a variety of organizations. The goal is to put information and resources in the hands of Kansas industries and entrepreneurs who might be interested in business development consulting or opportunities.

Featured programs

ks hillOffice of Local Government

OLG provides educational outreach, technical assistance, applied research, and information and referral services to city and county governments, local organizations, the county Extension network and citizens throughout Kansas.

sunflowerTechnology Development Institute

The Technology Development Institute is a Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation Center of Excellence that provides an array of resources to advance technologies, people and companies through collaborative engineering and business partnerships.

Kansas Department of Commerce

KDOC has business development resources.

Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center (MAMTC)

MAMTC provides manufacturing expertise to companies throughout Kansas to improve productivity, profitability and overall business performance. Explore how MAMTC can work for you.

Wichita State University Center for Entrepreneurship

Kauffman eVenturing

Geared to those who are building companies that innovate and create jobs and wealth, Kauffman eVenturing is the trusted guide for entrepreneurs on the path to high growth. The site provides original articles, written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, and aggregates "the best of the best" content on the Web related to starting and running high-impact companies.