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Cats' Cupboard

Cats' Cupboard Logo Use Requirements

  • Any group/individual/class/partner, whether affiliated with the university or not, must gain permission from Cats’ Cupboard to use the Cats’ Cupboard logo.

  • Please remember the official name is “Cats’ Cupboard” not “Cat’s Cupboard” or “Cats Cupboard”.

  • Only the Cats’ Cupboard logo is to be used to identify Cats’ Cupboard.  Creating a different image to represent Cats’ Cupboard is not allowed.

  • Permission may be gained by emailing catscupboard@k-state.edu. Please list specific details about the reason for use of the Cats’ Cupboard logo, including event name, types of media the logo will be used on, your organization or affiliation, and applicable dates.

  • Final approval is required before citing, displaying, attaching, or printing Cats’ Cupboard logo.

  • Logo file must be emailed- logos found on social media and the Cats’ Cupboard website are not to be used.

  • Logo file may be scaled but is not to be resized.

  • Logo permission is applicable to social media, fliers, marketing, donation drives, brochures, newsletters and magazines, K-State Today, invitations, displays, banners, specialty items, etc.

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