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Cats' Cupboard

Advisory Board

2018-2019 Advisory Board

Leadership Team

Anne Delua:; Co-Chair

Kathryn Gregerson: Co-Chair

Dr. Sandy Procter: Recorder


Cats' Cupboard Staff

Sarah Barrett: Clery Act Federal Compliance Coordinator and Cats' Cupboard Supervisor; sfbarrett@k-state.edu

Erin Bishop: Cats' Cupboard Coordinator; erbish@k-state.edu

Rachel Van Gilder: Cats' Cupboard GA; rvangilder@k-state.edu

Community and Parent Family Association Representatives

Tammy and Ken Laudan: PFA Rep

Debbie Morrison: PFA Rep

Mary Ice: PFA Rep

Cathy Taylor: Athletics Rep

Maribeth Keiffer: Flint Hills Breadbasket Executive Director, Community Rep

Student Representatives

Katheryn Gregerson: Senior, Agricultural Economics and Global Food Systems; gregerson@k-state.edu

Emily Delorean: Graduate PhD Genetics; emilydelorean@k-state.edu

Jacob Miller: Graduate Masters Communication Studiues; tree11@k-state.edu

Maggie Malmberg: Sophomore, Biology and Pre-Optometry; mmalmberg@k-state.edu

Staff/Faculty Representatives

Tamara Bauer: Instructor, School of Leadership Studies; tamara@k-state.edu

Anne DeLuca: Assistant Director, Career Center; ajdeluca@k-state.edu

Sandy Procter: Associate Professor, Food, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Health; procter@k-state.edu

Dianna Schalles: Dietician Specialist, Lafene Student Health Center; diannas@k-state.edu

Non-Voting Members

Carolyn Osbern: Senior, Geography and Global Food Systems, President of the Food Recovery Network at K-State; carolynosbern@k-state.edu

Sierra McCain: Junior, Bakery Science and Management, Cats' Cupboard Volunteer Representative; slmccain@k-state.edu