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Cats' Cupboard

Advisory Board

The Cats' Cupboard Advisory Board advises, assists, supports and advocates for programs and initiatives to promote food security on the K-State campus. The Advisory Board meets regularly in a collaborative manner and offers its insight and expertise to the Cats' Cupboard staff on matters such as community engagement, advertising and marketing, service learning activities, client services, strategic planning, volunteerism, and fundraising.

Leadership Team

Anne Deluca, Co-Chair

Alesha Bergner, Co-Chair

Mary Ice, Recorder

Cats' Cupboard Staff

Jim Parker, Director, Lafene Health Center

Dr. Jean DeDonder, Cats' Cupboard Supervisor

Shelly Williams, Morrison Family Director of Cats' Cupboard

Community Representatives

Tammy and Ken Laudan

Debbie Morrison

Mary Ice

Cathy Taylor

Christian Watkins

Josh Edgar

Joan Jones

Larry Moeder

Student Representatives

Alesha Bergner, Food Recovery Network President, Agricultural Technology Management

Krystal Cooper, Graduate Master's Student, Sociology

Josh Diazdeleon, SGA Basic Needs Director, Elementary Education

Staff/Faculty Representatives

Tamara Bauer, Instructor, School of Leadership Studies

Anne DeLuca, Director, K-State Parents & Family 

Sandy Procter, Associate Professor, Food, Nutrition, Dietetics, and Health

Dianna Schalles, Dietician Specialist, Lafene Health Center

Board Members Emeritus

Sarah F. Barrett