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Career Center

Salary, Job Offers, & Negotiation

Salary and Negotiation Resources

AAUW Work Smart Salary Negotiation

Take this free online workshop to help you negotiate a new job, raise, or promotion.

Career Center Salary Negotiation Resources

Information to help negotiate salaries and benefits.

K-State Powercat Financial

Set up an appointment to discuss comparing and understanding benefits, and learn how to make a budget.


Benchmarking data for salaries in various cities and career fields.

NACE Salary Calculator

Compensation and employment information based on education, employment history, etc.


View salary ranges for specific positions and companies.

Paycheck City

Salary calculator, information about bonuses, and benefit information.

The Salary Calculator

Compare cost of living between two locations to determine expenses. See also the relocation wizard, moving calculator and insurance professor links.

Cost of Living Calculator

CNN Money estimates the cost of living including housing, groceries, utilities, and transportation.


Did you Know?

Equity issues in salary and benefits exist between women and men, people with disabilities, and other populations.  On average, women make 77% of what men make.

AAUW Equal Pay

Various resources about the wage gap and how/why to negotiate your salary.

Facts about Equal Pay and Compensation Discrimination

The U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission provides information about the Equal Pay Act, Title VII, ADEA, & ADA.


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