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Adding Relevant Experience to Your Resume

What is Relevant Experience?

Any paid or unpaid experience you have related to your major or field of study is considered relevant experience. It is a good idea to build as much relevant experience on your resume as possible to compliment what you are learning in the classroom.

Examples of Relevant Experience

Experience through Employers
  • Part-time employment on or off campus (see Part-Time Jobs)

  • Internship or Co-op

  • Practicum

  • Job Shadowing

Community Involvement
  • HandsOn K-State - Promotes civic learning and leadership through meaningful volunteer and service opportunities between campus and community.

  • Konza United Way - Local umbrella organization for many non-profit organizations and agencies.

Leadership and Involvement
International Experience
Other Experience
  • Undergraduate research 

  • Develop a website or blog

  • Competitions in your field

  • Certifications and trainings

  • Learn another language

  • Learn a new technical skill
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