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National Student Employment Week

April 10-16, 2022

Nominate a Student

Nominations for the 2022  Kyle Pelton Student Employee of the Year are now being accepted. Any student who is on the student employee payroll, and serves in an official student employee position, is eligible. The student chosen will be selected based on their reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism and their defining story.  

To nominate a student worker, complete the  nomination formby Monday, Feb. 21 at 5 p.m or visit our website.

If you wish to preview the survey questions, simply click here.

2021 SEOTY Winner 

The 2021 Kyle Pelton Student Employee of the Year was Jazstyn Moyer, a Student Life Center front desk worker and Intramural Student Coordinator on at the K-State Polytechnic campus! She was nominated by Josh Doak, Student Activities and Program Coordinator for Student Life at the Polytechnic campus.

Watch the 2021 Kyle Pelton Student Employee of the Year Virtual Ceremony

Each year colleges and universities across the country recognize the importance of the student work experience during National Student Employment Week. Student employment offers students career-enhancing opportunities, the ability to develop skills relevant to any career, and better preparation for the job market upon graduation.

At K-State, our student employees perform invaluable services with enthusiasm, dedication, and initiative. Indeed, many departments depend on the contributions of this reliable workforce for their daily operations. During National Student Employment Week, we celebrate our student employees in a variety of ways.

Kyle Pelton Student Employee of the Year award (SEOTY)

A Little More About the Award

Eligible Students

Any student who is on the student payroll and will serve a minimum of six months in an official student employee position during June 2021 to May 2022 (anticipated) is eligible. 

GRA, GTA and GA positions are not eligible. 

Selection Criteria

The student chosen will be selected based on their reliability, quality of work, initiative, professionalism and their defining story. Please be prepared to explain specific and measurable examples of each, as well as a brief description of the student's roles/responsibilities in their nomination form. Examples of each are below:

  • Punctual — always on time, shows up when scheduled and calls in when unable to make scheduled time
  • Responsible
  • Able to work well with fellow employees and supervisor
Quality of Work
  • Work is accurate, thorough and acceptable
  • Uses materials and time economically
  • Completion of work in a timely manner
  • Consistency in meeting deadlines
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Is motivated to finish work on time and properly
  • Accepts/seeks challenges and identifies problems to solve
  • Responds enthusiastically to challenges
  • Willing to accept new projects/methods/information that add to the position and quality of service
  • Dresses appropriately for the position
  • Has ability to make sound decisions
  • Serves as a leader and model for others
  • Regularly works with peers to contribute to a safe and orderly environment
Defining Story
  • The lasting imprint this student will leave with your department
  • What sets this student employee apart from other student employees in your department
Award Recipients

2021 Finalists and Winner

Jazstyn Moyer, Winner

Department: Student Life - Polytechnic Campus
Nominated by: Josh Doak

Nick Beyer

Department: Plant Pathology
Nominated by: Jessica Rupp

Claire Herrmann

Department: Personal Financial Planning
Nominated by: Jill Parker

Dominique McGlynn

Department: Collegian Media Group
Nominated by: David Levy

Holly Mills

Department: Housing and Dining Services
Nominated by: Kristi Baonga


2020 Finalists and Winner

Katie Buhler, Winner

Nominated by Kaitlin Long

Katie Buhler

Josema Cabanas, Finalist

Nominated by Tiffany Oppelt

Josema Cabanas

Jacob Cowart, Finalist

Nominated by Kurt Carraway

Jacob Cowart

Kaylie McLaughlin, Finalist

Nominated by Linda Puntney

Kaylie McLaughlin

Anna Wines, Finalist

Nominated by Cleopatra Magwaro

Anna Wines


2019 Finalists and Winner

Po-Yu “Tony” Lai, Winner

Department: Animal Sciences and Industry
Nominated by: William Brown

Akayla Calhoun, Finalist

Department: Housing and Dining Services, Derby Dining Center
Nominated by: Valerie Donelan

Zachary Langston, Finalist

Department: Family Studies and Human Services, Family Center
Nominated by: Becky Wolfe

Justin Moser, Finalist

Department: College of Business Administration IT
Nominated by: Stacy Kovar and Michael Raine

Jacob Rose, Finalist

Department: Writing Center, Polytechnic Campus
Nominated by: Kaleen Knopp


2018 Finalists and Winner

Canaan Endicott, Winner

Department: K-State Libraries’ Building Services
Nominated by: Jesica Thornton

Dakota Baccus, Finalist

Department: New Student Services
Nominated by: Courtney Hallenbeck

Kendra Holthaus, Finalist

Department: Veterinary Health Center Dispensary
Nominated by: Landa Colvin-Marion

Brenden Penner, Finalist

Department: K-State Athletics Operations
Nominated by: James Muller

Reagan Swank, Finalist

Department: K-State First
Nominated by: Brent Weaver


2017 Finalists and Winner

Dominique Hoover, K-State Student Employee of the Year Winner

Department: Recreational Services
Nominated by: Jason Brungardt

Ella Magerl, Finalist

Department: Recreational Services
Nominated by: Travis Redeker

Spencer Schrader, Finalist

Department: Applied Aviation Research Center | K-State Polytechnic Campus
Nominated by: Travis Balthazor

Madison Smith, Finalist

Department: Academic Assistance Center
Nominated by: RJ Youngblood and Stephanie Bannister

Jacquelyn Sommers, Finalist

Department: Engineering Extension
Nominated by: David Carter


2016 Finalists and Winner

Kyle Pelton, K-State Student Employee of the Year Winner

Department: New Student Services
Nominated by: Cole Grieves

Katie Harrison, Finalist

Department: Hale Library
Nominated by: Alyssa Bruce

Nelson Pence, Finalist

Department: Study Abroad Office
Nominated by: Joe Milostan

Jessica Stieben, Finalist

Department: Division of Communications and Marketing
Nominated by: Ashley Martin

Trevor Witt, Finalist

Department: Unmanned Aircraft Systems | K-State Polytechnic Campus
Nominated by: Kurt Carraway


2015 Finalists and Winner

Kyle Hooker, K-State Student Employee of the Year Winner

Department: Horse Unit
Nominated by: Kallie Emig and Tasha Dove

Blaine Cash, Finalist

Department: New Student Services
Nominated by: Kiley Moody


Julia Comstock, Finalist

Department: Catalyst Center
Nominated by: Rusty Earl

April Gee, Finalist

Department: K-State Libraries
Nominated by: Felisa Osburn, Jason Coleman, and Lisa Loberg

Sarah Wilcox, Finalist

Department: Pilots Program
Nominated by: Shay Dodson


Ways to Celebrate Your Student Employees

Recognition is an important part of expressing appreciation for the valuable work our student employees do. There are lots of ways you can celebrate your student workers that cost little — and mean a lot.

During Limited Operation Status
  • Write thank you notes.
  • Write thank you notes to parents of students (if appropriate).
  • Dedicate a portion of your department newsletter, website or staff meeting to recognition of students.
  • Mail remote working/learning survival kits.
  • Create certificates of appreciation.
  • Send an e-card showing appreciation.
  • Host a Zoom meeting to award virtual superlatives.
  • Post recognition on social media using #KStateNSEW2021 and #WildcatWay.
When Students Are On Campus
  • Throw a pizza party, potluck, do-it-yourself sundae bar, foot long sub party; have a popcorn machine in your office; serve cake & punch; have a hamburger/hot dog BBQ.
  • Host scavenger hunts with prizes for the winners.
  • Decorate office doors or bulletin boards with posters expressing appreciation to student workers and listing all students’ names.
  • Arrange for administrators to do some "reverse" job shadowing — partner with a student worker for a day or even an hour, to see what kinds of duties are involved.
  • Organize trivia contests with prizes for winners.
  • Distribute certificates of appreciation.
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