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On-Campus Interview Guide

On-Campus Interviews are designed to allow employers access to a wealth of K-State talent while providing you with great interview opportunities, without ever leaving campus!

On-Campus Interview Process

  • You must login and activate your Handshake account to request or sign up for on-campus interviews.
  • Preselect schedules comprise the majority of interview opportunities at K-State.
    • Any student can apply for an interview through their Handshake account if they meet the application deadline. 
      • Students have an equal opportunity to request an interview.
    • Employers review applications and accept or decline students to interview.
    • Students that are accepted sign-up for an open time slot to interview in their Handshake account according to the employer's pre-set timeline.
    • Some employers elect to also allow alternatives to sign up if any interview slots remain unfilled.
  • Open schedules comprise very few interview opportunities at K-State.
    • There is no screening of applicants by the employer, instead screening criteria is set by the employer and happens automatically (major, GPA, etc.).
    • You can sign up immediately for interview time slots for these schedules through your Handshake account
On-Campus Interview User Guides
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