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Career Center

On-Campus Interviews

Hundreds of employers from across the country visit K-State each year to hold interviews at the Career Center. These employers consistently hire K-Staters and are actively recruiting new interns and entry-level employees. On-campus interviews provide a convenient opportunity for students to interview with many prominent employers without leaving campus.

Participation in on-campus interviews is available only to students with active Handshake accounts. Applications and schedules are maintained online through this system.

On-Campus Interview Student Policy

Learn about your privileges and responsibilities for interviewing with employers on-campus.

On-Campus Interview Guide

Learn how to search and sign up for on-campus interviews using your Handshake account.

On-Campus Interviews at K-State

See a list what employers are holding on-campus interviews at K-State. Login to your Handshake account to sign up or apply for an interview!

Education On-Campus Interviews Event

Find out what school districts will be conducting on-campus interviews at K-State.

Next-Day Interviews

The day after a career fair, employers may elect to stay and perform next-day interviews. Employers determine who they would like to see for an interview during the career fair. Watch the career fair website close to the time of the fair as a list is typically posted of who will be participating in next-day interviews.

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