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Career Center Account Transition

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The Career Center is excited to announce Handshake, the Career Center's new fast and powerful recruiting platform for K-State students, alumni and employers.

Students and alumni can use Handshake to easily connect with employers, search for jobs and internships, discover event information, and manage on-campus interviewing. 

Employers can use Handshake as a recruitment tool to identify qualified candidates for open positions and manage on-campus recruitment activities.

Please Note:

The previous Career Center account system was deactivated on June 14

Handshake officially launched for employers on July 1. Job search access for students and alumni will be limited from July 1 - August 1. Please find updates and important links below. 

We appreciate your patience during this transition. All important updates will be published to this page as new information is available. 

Looking for a part-time or full-time job or internship? 

During our online job search service interruption, checkout some of our largest on-campus departments hiring student workers and some off-campus recommendations. 

Fill out our online request form for to gain access to our Handshake Guest Account to view postings and apply directly to the company or organization. 

This is a multi-user account. You may view job listings, but please do not do any of the following:

  • Do not upload documents such as your resume
  • Do not directly apply for jobs/internships
  • Do not alter profile information or user preferences

Recent updates

For further questions please contact:

Career Center
Kansas State University

  • Download your Career Center account information (recommended)

    June 1 - June 14

  • Career Center Account Inactive

    June 15 - July 1

  • Employers invited to join Handshake

    July 1

  • Limited student/alumni job search access

    July 1 - August 13

  • Students invited to join Handshake

    August 14

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