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Decide on a Major

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Deciding on a major is a big step in the life of every college student. It is important to know yourself well as you explore the possibilities available to you. Be sure to consider your interests, abilities, experiences, and values and how they relate to college majors and potential careers.

Curriculum Guides

Check out the required courses for majors on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

No matter where you are in the decision-making process, you might find the answers to these frequently asked questions - like how to declare or change your major - quite helpful.

Major and Career Myths

Many people have misconceptions about deciding on a major or career. Don't make your decision based on one of these common myths!

Find a Good Fit

Find out how your interests, abilities, and values match up with different majors.

Explore K-State Majors

See what options K-State has for you!

Plan It Out

Deciding on a major or career path is a process that takes time. Explore some tools that will help you establish a plan of action.



Student walking in front of Hale Library


"I really find ACIC to be an exceptionally helpful resource, and I would recommend it to any student--even those who know what their major is. My experience at ACIC began with just a few ideas and no direction. The personal assessments really gave me good insight about what kind of careers and majors suit my skills and interests. With this information we were able to see every aspect of each job, and decide which ones I was most interested in. Now I have narrowed down the list considerably, and instead of being completely undecided, I have enough infomation to be able to declare a major. I don't think I could have done that on my own without the willing and helpful staff at ACIC."

Rebecca Malanchuk

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