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Curriculum Guides at K-State

Below you will find links to curriculum guides, which outline the course requirements for each major at K-State.

Curriculum Guides can help you:

  • Learn about the many academic options available to you.
  • Determine if courses look interesting as you explore majors.
  • Compare the courses you have previously taken with the requirements for a different major. The tools on the right can provide additional help.
  • Gain a general understanding of the major requirements and prepare questions before you meet with an academic advisor.

Remember: When making any decision your academic advisor should be a point of reference as they are here to guide you through your program. They will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on any program requirements, ensuring that you have a complete understanding of the major.

Select a program and curriculum guide

Architecture, Planning and Design

(After following link, see "M.ARCH Curriculum Guide" near middle of page)

Industrial Design

(After following link, see "Show Me My Chourses" or "Print My Courses" near middle of page)

Interior Architecture

(After following link, see "Show Me My Courses" or "Print My Courses" near middle of page)

Landscape Architecture

(After following link, see "NB MLA Curriculum Guide" near bottom of page)

Regional and Community Planning

(After following link, see "Our Curriculum" near top of page)

Arts and Sciences

The majors, minors and certificates for the College of Arts and Sciences can be found at the link below:

Business Administration
  • Including organizational management, human resources management, and operations and supply chain management.
Management Information Systems
Architectural Engineering

After following link, see "Curriculum Course List" under "ARE Undergraduate Curriculum" in right column.

Biological Systems Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science
Construction Science and Management

After following link, see "Curriculum Course List" under "CNS Academic Resources" in right column.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

After following link, find the flowchart at the bottom of the page.

Industrial Engineering

After following link, find "IE Curriculum Guide" under "Program Overview."

Mechanical/Nuclear Engineering
Health and Human Sciences
Apparel and Textiles
Athletic Training
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Early Childhood Education
Family Studies and Human Services


Hospitality Management
Health and Human Sciences/FACS
Human Nutrition
Interior Design
Personal Financial Planning
Technology and Aviation
Veterinary Medicine

After following the link, click on "College of Veterinary Medicine Program Guide" in the right column

Veterinary Medicine
School of Leadership Studies
K-State Global Campus

K-State Global Campus provides online courses and degree programs at K-State.

Minors, Secondary Majors, Certificates, and Non-Degree Programs

The K-State Catalog has a full list of minors, secondary majors, and certificates.


K-State also offers two Non-Degree Programs.

University Honors Program


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