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Design Expo Shipping Instructions

Employers who are attending the expo and would like to ship larger displays and heavy materials in advance, please ship to the following address: 

(Company Name)
Hilton Convention Center
K-State Design Expo 

410 S. 3rd Street
Manhattan, KS 66502 
Hilton Phone: 785-532-9116 

Display materials MUST ARRIVE at the Hilton Garden Inn AFTER Feb. 26, 2020.
Be sure to include company name and number of boxes on outside of shipping container.

If you'll be shipping display materials out following the Design Expo you MUST contact your shipping carrier, prior to the end of the expo, to arrange a pick up following the expo.

Packages should be dropped off at the Hilton Garden Inn front desk, with the completed shipping form attached to the parcel. Be certain you have notified your preferred carrier prior to the Design Expo to arrange pick-up.

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