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Hospitality Career Meet-Up

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Berney Family Welcome Center Great Room, South Door
5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Manhattan, KS

This free networking event is intended to bring employers and students together to facilitate connections in food and beverage management, meeting and event management, and lodging management. Some students may be seeking part-time, internship, or full-time opportunities, while others are wanting to meet professionals to learn more about the field. 

Information for Students

Who Should Attend
  • Any student interested in the hospitality industry and wanting to learn about different careers in these fields (full-time, part-time or internships).
  • Undergraduate or graduate students from any major are welcome.
See Who's Coming

View the list of employers attending in Handshake.

What to Bring
  • Practice your 30-second introduction (p. 52).
  • Practice approaching a friend, classmate or faculty member, shaking hands, making eye contact, smiling and introducing yourself. Be confident in approaching representatives in the same manner.
Prepare questions you can ask.

Show the representative you have done some research. Examples include:

  • I noticed on your website that your organization is located in McPherson, KS are you from that location?
  • How did you get started in this industry?
  • What recommendations do you have for a recent graduate entering the hospitality industry? (Feel free to use a more specific example.)
  • What types of careers are available at your organization?
  • What does a typical day look like?
  • Would there be training for ___ position?
  • What suggestions do you have for me as I start a job search in hospitality? (Feel free to use a more specific example.)
  • Can you describe your company's culture?
  • What are the top three things you spend your time doing in this role?
  • Can you think of 1-2 people you would recommend I talk to?
  • What are some next steps?

It is appropriate to gather business cards and thank the contacts you met. Handwritten notes are best, but emails will do. Remember to send promptly.
You can ask a representative if you could add them on LinkedIn following the event.


Parking is on your own. It is not recommended to park in the Alumni Association lots as Parking Services will ticket.

Information for Employers

The meet-up is limited to the first 28 organizations who complete the registration. The event space has high-top tables, but no booth space will be available.


This event has filled to capacity. Please complete this survey to join the waitlist.


Business cards and/or smaller brochures.


Available in the parking garage at 17th and Anderson (706 N. 17th St. Manhattan, KS 66506). Pull a ticket to get in. We will provide a validation ticket to get out.


Any questions about the event or registration can be directed to Jaci Kolm.