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Career Center

Pre-Law Career Meet-Up

Thursday, September 30, 2021
Berney Family Welcome Center, South End
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

This free networking event is intended to bring law programs and students together to facilitate connections for students interested in applying to law school. The meet-up is limited to the first 25 programs who complete the registration. 

How Does this Event Work? 

This event is set up in the South end of the Berney Family Welcome Center. This space can fit 25 spaced out high-top tables comfortably. Law school programs attending this event will be assigned a high-top table where they can place information about their program. Students attending the event are encouraged to move around the room to visit with programs. Light refreshments will be available for students and programs in attendance.

Information for Students

Who Should Attend
  • Any student from any major interested in considering law school. 
  • Students wanting to learn about the admissions process for acceptance into different law programs. 
Register to Attend

Students that register for the event in Handshake will be able to see the law programs registered to attend. Register for the event by clicking on the "Register" button within the event in Handshake. You will find the Pre-Law Career Meet-Up by clicking on "Events" once logged into Handshake and using the "Career fairs" filter. You will receive an e-mail from Handshake confirming your RSVP for the event. 

Prepare Your Resume and Introduction
Create A Plan for Conversation 

Show the representative you are prepared to learn more. Examples of questions you might want to ask from LSAC, the Law School Admissions Council, include

  • What is special about the character and ambience of your school?
  • What percentage of graduating students find full-time, long-term employement where a JD/bar passage is either required or preferred? What kinds of jobs do your graduates take after law school?
  • What are the bar passage rates in the state(s) in which most of your graduates take the bar exam?
  • What career services are ofered to students and gradutes? How many students finnd summer of part-time employment through your law school? 
  • How would you describe faculty-student relationships at your school?
  • Describe areas of specialization in your course offerings. What joint-degree programs are offered? Please describe the application process.
  • How does your law school review applications? 
  • What do you look for in a personal statement? 
  • Does your school accept addenda such as optional essays or diversity or grade-explanation statements? How do I submit these documents? What kinds of recommendations are most helpful?
  • What does diversity mean at your law school? 
  • What part should my diverse background play in my personal statement? And, if your law school has an optional diversity statement, how do I highlight my diversity? 
  • What is the law school experience like for diverse students?
  • Do you offer merit or need-based scholarships or grants? If so, what criteria do you use? Is the continuation of a merit scholarship contingent upon academic performance in a law school? What is the required median GPA?
  • What is the estimated cost of attendance at your school and do you anticipate a tuition increase? 
Follow-Up Post-Event

It is appropriate to gather contact information and thank the contacts you met. A thoughtful email note is a great way to acknowledge a conversation you enjoyed. 

Information for Law School Programs


Law schools are able to register via Handshake.

Register Here (Deadline Extended: 5:00pm Tuesday, September 28, 2021)


Law school programs with questions about this event can email our Employer Relations Associate, DeLon Berbour at dbarb20@ksu.edu.

This event is being hosted in partnership with our Pre-Law Advisor, Tracey Lee, who can be reached at traceylee@ksu.edu