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Part-Time Opportunities Fair Tips

The Part-Time Opportunities Fair is a smaller career fair that offers part-time on and off-campus as well as volunteer opportunities. To get the best results from the fair, planning and professionalism are important. While suits are not required, business casual attire is recommended. Resumes are also recommended as they are a great way to highlight your strengths and experiences and show that you are serious about your job search.

Know your Job Interests and Qualifications
  • Be able to express your qualifications, related experiences, academic preparation, and skills
  • Prepare a 30-second introduction highlighting what you can do and what your interests are
Bring a Well-Written Resume
  • Bring 15-20 copies on resume-quality paper
  • See our resume resources for assistance
Do Your Homework
  • Research participating employers in Handshake
  • Look for information on the web or campus directory
  • Doing your homework can help you better manage your time by prioritizing those employers you wish to visit
  • Be prepared to complete job applications the day of the fair
Allow Enough Time and Plan Ahead
  • Review who is attending the fair
  • Start early, before the crowd gets too large
  • Plan your time and avoid long lines
Dress Neatly
Ask Questions and Listen
  • Find out what you can do to be considered, get more information, and arrange an interview
  • Reveal information in a give-and-take fashion. This is an opportunity to identify employers' needs and the match of your skills
Take Notes on Employers
  • As you leave, make notes on employers of interest, information they provided you and their follow-up plans
  • Make sure that you have contact information for those with whom you wish to follow up
Follow-up with Employers
  • Within the next week, contact the employers you were most interested in to find out where they stand with their hiring process and communicate your continued interest in working for their organization
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