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Create a Personal Business Card

Due to various hiring regulations and company recruiting practices, some employers may be unable to accept resumes at career fairs and other recruitment functions. What is the eager job-seeker to do? Distribute your personal business card instead!

K-State's Printing Services can quickly and cost-effectively assist you with your business card needs. Follow the instructions below to create a standard card which Printing Services can easily reproduce.

  1. Download a business card utilzing a free template such as a design found in Canva. Include your personal contact information. However, do not use the K-State Powercat or other trademarked logos.

  2. Save the file using your name in the filename (i.e. WillieWildcat.pdf).

  3. Email the following information to copyserv@k-state.edu with your personalized template attached.

    a) Your first name, last name and phone number.
    b) The number of business cards to be printed.

Your business cards will be printed as submitted on white 80# smooth paper unless otherwise requested. After you submit your email request, you must go to Copy Services on the ground floor of the K-State Student Union to order the printing of your business cards. You may want to call ahead to inquire about cost of printing for black and white versus multi-colored cards.

Contact Copy Services at 785-532-6596 if you have questions.

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