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Academic and Career Decisions Syllabus

Course description

The course focuses upon decision-making skills and strategies, self-assessment, and the integration of these in choosing an academic major or career path. 


1 undergraduate hour

Course coordinator

Jared Meitler, Sr. Assistant Director
Career Center
148 Berney Family Welcome Center, 785-532-6506

Course objective

This course is designed to help you develop a plan for choosing an academic major and/or career path. This includes assignments and activities related to self-awareness, decision-making, career/major exploration, and transferable skill development.

Course format

The format of the course combines lecture, group interaction, and independent research. Class will convene formally eight times during the course of the semester. Additionally, you will have a one-hour individual appointment with a Career Center staff member outside of class to complete either the Focus 2 or Self-Directed Search career assessment and a 30-minute mock interview. In addition, you can expect to spend two or three hours at the Career Center researching careers of interest to complete several assignments.

Policies and procedures

Attendance policy

Participation and attendance are key components for Academic/Career Decisions. In addition to learning from the assignments in this course, you will learn from one another through classroom activities and discussion. For your success in this course, it is very important that you attend every class. In addition, class attendance will count for 20 percent of your final grade. If you have an emergency and are absent, contact your instructor immediately.

Honor system

All students at K-State are bound by the honor system, which is fully explained at the following website: http://www.ksu.edu/honor. An important part of this system is the honor pledge, which applies to all assignments, examinations, or other course work. It states, “On my honor, as a student, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this academic work.” Academic dishonesty in any form is a serious offense and may be punished by failure on an assignment or paper; failure of the course; and/or expulsion from the university.

Special accommodations

Students with disabilities who need classroom accommodations, access to technology, or information about emergency building/campus evacuation processes should contact the Student Access Center and/or their instructor. Services are available to students with a wide range of disabilities including, but not limited to, physical disabilities, medical conditions, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, depression and anxiety. If you are a student enrolled in campus/online courses through the Manhattan campus, contact the Student Access Center at accesscenter@k-state.edu, 785-532-6441.

Core assignments


This assessment will help you identify your primary strengths and give you tools to articulate your strengths to future employers.


This is a computerized career assistance program based upon John Holland’s theory of career development. It focuses on generating possible academic majors and careers that would be compatible with your interests, abilities, and career-related values.

Self-Directed Search (SDS)

This interest inventory is based on John Holland's theory of career development. Your scores will produce an occupational code representing environmental models from Holland’s typology: realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. Your occupational code will be used to generate a list of possible academic majors and careers.

Major of Interest Project

This project is for you to research a major of interest, and related careers while using the resources available in the Career Center. Using resource worksheets as guides, you will organize a PowerPoint or Prezi outlining the information that you learned from your research. 

Interviewing a Professional

You will have the opportunity to interview a professional in your major or career of interest. By interviewing a professional you will get a current, day to day perspective on your career of interest.

Resume/cover letter

This assignment is designed to ensure you have an accurate and up-to-date resume and cover letter, which are essential tools for anyone in the career-planning process.

Mock interview

This activity is planned for you to practice your interview skills in a safe, classroom environment to begin preparation for future interviews.

Integration paper

This paper serves as a summary of work you have done in this course. The objective is not for you to have chosen an academic major or career path, but to demonstrate that you understand the process it takes to make such a decision. You will want to include personal insight you have gained, skills you have attained, and an awareness of programs and resources available to you at K-State.

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