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Career Center

Career Closet Donors

We are so thankful for those who donate to our Career Closet! Your generosity will help a student put their best foot forward as they prepare to join the working world.

Thanks to these recent donors! 

Jon & Rae Anderson
Corie Reed and Caylee Asebedo
Tamara & Blake Bauer
Don Boggs
Dr. Pat Bosco
Daryl & Joyce Buchholz
Isabelle Busenitz
Samantha Carter
Lena Chrest
Steve & Janet Cooper
Janis Crow
Kent Culbertson
Fred Darkow
Dr. Art DeGroat
Kelli Farris
Gary and Bronwyn Fees
Larry and Marilyn Fox
Lisa & Melanie Highsmith
Shirley Hobrock
Dr. Gaea Hock
Sama Huda
Phyllis Jensik
Bruce Johnson
Audrey Joslin
Melissa King
Dani LaGree
Trent Lancaster
Casey Lauer
Nathan and Shanna Legleiter
G.C. Lehleitner
Tim Lindemuth
John and Meg Lindsey
Brad Logan
Joshua Long
Dr. Kristin Malek
Nancy Marchell
Cathie Goodwin in honor of Bill Goodwin
Ed Elder
Doris Marsh
Susan McKaig
Nicholas McLellan
Kristin Oberheide
Tyler O'Briant
Andrew Orr
Greg & Libby Paul
Pattie Pearson
Andy Price
Cleta Raine
Michael Raine
Sharon Reagan
Don and Carvel Reinsch
Amy Button Renz
Eric and Lisa Rubin
Kim Rumback
Ken Schmelzle
Grant Shellenberger
Candy Kirkman-Sloan
William Smriga
Dr. Steven & Marcia Stockham
Patricia Streeper
Student Design Services
Raymond Thomas
Joan Thomson
Gail Urban
Lynn Wagner
Stacey Warner
David and Melinda Weaver
Judy Weaver
Barbara Weltsch
Mark and Kelly Whitehair
LB Wigfall
Dr. Zelia Wiley
J. Wissman
John Weems
Mary Kay Siefers
Renajarett Abdulrahman
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