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Career Center

Policies and Tips

Advertising a Job Opening

The Employers' Guide on how to advertise a job opening contains valuable tips for developing a well-written job description as presented by the National Society for Experiential Learning. 

Job Listing Policy

The K-State Career Center retains the right to refuse any job posting. 


Learn what makes a successful internship program, including program design, recruitment strategy and job description development, plus info to help determine whether interns should be paid under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

International Student Hiring

Frequently asked questions and information on what employers should know about hiring international students. Provided by K-State's International Student Center. 

Offer Guidelines

To help K-State students establish realistic expectations and make thoughtful career decisions, the Career Center has developed the following offer guidelines for students and potential employers.

Expectations for Recruiters

Learn about recruiter expectations from NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers). We promote the Principles for Professional conduct and ask employers visiting campus and recruiting K-State students to voluntarily comply.

Third-Party Recruiter Policy

Find information on the what NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) defines as third-party recruiters and the guidelines to follow if you represent a third party. 

Handshake Terms of Service

This Terms of Service applies to your use of the Handshake website and the Handshake Service (collectively “the Handshake Service” or “the Service”), as well as your relationship with Stryder Corp. (“Handshake”, “Handshake”). Please review for your recruiting purposes at K-State.

Kansas State University Notice of Nondiscrimination

The Career Center supports K-State's commitment to nondiscrimination.

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