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Career Center

Planning On-Campus Interviews

If you would like more information about on-campus interviewing please reach out to Jodi Swendson, Program Assistant. Please see this visitor information for the safety of our students and community.

Establish an Interview Date
Business and Industry Recruiters

Please contact Debbie Owens, Recruiting Coordinator, at 785-532-1681 to schedule an interview date.

Education Recruiters

Please contact Alison Sotkovski, Program Assistant, at 785-532-6508 regarding interview opportunities.

Consider K-State's Calendar

Consider K-State campus holidays and breaks when determining your recruiting schedule.


Determine Interview Schedule Type
Room Only

A room will be reserved in Handshake but the slots will be managed outside of Handshake. You can select students for this interview schedule but they will not be able to take slots in Handshake. 


All candidates meeting your criteria (ie: academic major, graduation date) set on the job may take slots. The students will be able to take a slot immediately after applying. Students not meeting your criteria can apply but will not be able to take a slot unless you approve them. Submit your request at least one week (three weeks preferred) prior to your on-campus interview date.


Candidates request interviews and you select candidates you wish to interview. Primary and alternate student choices are selected after the application period. Primary candidates are allowed to sign up before alternate candidates. Submit your request at least three weeks prior to your on-campus interview date.


Submit Interview Arrangements

Complete job listing and interview arrangement information using your Handshake account.


Review Pre-Selection Deadlines

Pre-Selection on-campus interviews typically span a 3-week period. Once an interview date has been established, your specific timeline can be viewed via your Handshake account.


Conduct Employer Information Sessions

Create awareness and excitement among K-State students for your organization by hosting an information session.


Campus Parking

Find information for parking on campus.


Planning Travel To Campus

Find information for visiting K-State, including accommodations, maps, events, and weather.


Conduct Interviews

Come to the Berney Family Welcome Center and report to the Reception Desk. We will escort you to your interview room and show you where you can print materials for your interviews.