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Build Your Brand

Host an Information Session

Create awareness and excitement among K-State students for your organization by hosting an information session.

Attend a Career Fair

Participation in one of K-State's many career fairs is an ideal way to get the word out to students about your organization.

Schedule a Presentation with Faculty or Students

Target specific classes or organizations to promote opportunities about your company.

Become a Corporate Partner

Partner with the Career Center to provide enhanced services to K-State students as well as heighten your visibility among the K-State community.

Participate in Mock Interviews

Make contact with quality K-State students by sharing your recruiter experience through mock interviews.

Volunteer as a Speaker/Presenter

Boost awareness of your organization by volunteering to present job search related workshops to K-State students.

Get Involved with Student Organizations and Departments

Make connections with specific student organizations or departments who may be interested in your industry, company, or recruiting procedures.

Advertise in the K-State Collegian

Publicize your visit to campus by advertising in K-State's student newspaper, Kansas State Collegian. The Collegian has a daily circulation of 12,000 and up to 5,000 readers per day take advantage of the electronic Collegian. Contact the Collegian advertising department directly at 785-532-6560.

Post Jobs or Internships

Post a part-time or full-time job opportunity or an internship, available online to K-State students.

Sponsor a Table at the K-State Student Union

The K-State Student Union is a great place to inform students of opportunities within your company. Contact the Union to request a table. A table outside of the food court will provide your organization with great visibility to students. The lunch hour is the busiest time!

Search K-State Resumes

Looking to fill a position quickly? Search the resume database via your Handshake account.

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