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Career Center

Alumni Resources

Career Assessments

Evaluating your interests, abilities, and values can be helpful in deciding your next career move. Taking a career assessment is one way to begin the evaluation process. 

Resume and Interview Guide (PDF)

A comprehensive guide to prepare for interviews including sample questions and how to prepare.

Helpful Web Resources

Links and information from top career websites to help you research, network, and negotiate your way to a successful career.

Hiring and Salary Information

Discover resources for negotiating your salary, understanding benefit packages, and relocation.

Career Center Workshops on the Web

View online workshops prepared by Career Center advisors, employers and guest speakers.

Report Your Job

If you have accepted a full-time position, please let us know by completing this form. Reports are compiled for the Board of Regents, colleges, and departments to show where K-State graduates go after graduation.

Build Your Brand

What is your online presence saying about you? Your online reputation is very important in your job search impacting both employment opportunities and career. Find out how to maintain or clean up your online presence.

Connect with Fellow K-Stater's on LinkedIn

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