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Wildcat Internship Survey

Take the Wildcat Internship Survey

Oct. 9, 2019 — Internships provide important learning experiences for college students while simultaneously supplying the university with information regarding its relationships with industry partners. The annual Wildcat Internship Survey allows the K-State Career Center to compile helpful data about these experiences, and will be distributed to students this week.

The WINS will be delivered by email to undergraduate students with a primary major in: agriculture; architecture, planning and design; arts and sciences; business administration; engineering; health and human sciences; and technology and aviation. Students majoring in education will not receive the survey, as their college has an alternative data collection process. 

Students will be asked to answer a few questions about their internship experiences during the previous academic year. WINS should take no more than five minutes to complete. To encourage student participation, some colleges have elected to utilize a KSIS enrollment hold. This hold will be automatically removed within 30 minutes of completing the survey. 

Nearly 8,000 students responded to last year’s survey and results were merged with student data in KSIS to produce university-wide outcomes and trends. Results of the Wildcat Internships Survey are available to the university community and the public via a dashboard posted on the Career Center website.

Ultimately, learning more about internship experiences helps K-State students expand their connections with employers, provides academic advisors with internship ideas for students, strengthens university ties with industry, and demonstrates K-State’s commitment to the career readiness of its students.

For more information and updates on WINS, go to the Career Center’s website.