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Ten-Minute Tune-Ups: Resume Critique Service Starts Monday, Feb. 1

The K-State Career Center will host brief resume and cover letter critiques through a new service called “Ten-Minute Tune-Ups.”

Critiques will be conducted by Zoom screen share throughout the spring 2021 semester. This will replace the traditional drop-in resume and cover letter advising. Students will still be able to receive brief advising and support on their resume and cover letter documents with Career Center staff.

Ten Minute Tune-Ups can be scheduled in Handshake. Appointments will be available from noon to 4 p.m. CST Monday through Thursday. Students will receive a Zoom link for their appointment via their K-State email address.

Tune-Up advising provides students with a brief resume or cover letter critique with a Career Center advisor. Students may also use this time to ask questions about Career Center resources.

Please contact the K-State Career Center with any additional questions at careercenter@k-state.edu.