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Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Steve Dandaneau
103 Leadership Studies
Manhattan, KS 66506


Minutes of November 7, 2012

401 Hale Library

Members Present:

Andy Bennett (AAC/FS), Christine Wilson (AG), Lynn Ewanow (AR), Alison Wheatley (AS), Bente Janda (BA), Lynda Spire (DCE), Mike Lynch (EDP), Diane Murphy (ED), David Griffin (ED), Larry Satzler (EN), Scott Schlender (GR), Karen Pence (HE), Monty Nielsen (REG), David Delker (TC), Emily Lehning (NSS)

Guests Present:

Susan Cooper, Registrar’s Office
Ken Stafford, ITS

Call to Order

Pence called the meeting to order at 10:35a.m.


Agenda was amended to include a non-standard time request from Satzler.


Steve Dandaneau’s name is misspelled on page 2, item 4.

Special Reports


Non-Standard Time Requests

Engineering (Satzler)

CE 654 – Design of Groundwater Flow – approved

Pending Unfinished Business

Equivalent and Cross Listed Courses (Delker/Wheatley)

Wheatley distributed a list of cross-listed and equivalent courses for review. CAPP members need to submit cross-listed and equivalent courses from their respective colleges for inclusion on the list.

Wheatley requested that an “alert” be placed in the course schedule and in iSIS to help students, advisors, and others identify cross-listed and equivalent courses.

A definition of a cross-listed course and of an equivalent course needs to be added to the glossary of academic terms.

New Business


Standing Reports

Academic Affairs/ Faculty Senate (Bennett)

Steve Dandaneau attended the Academic Affairs (AA) Meeting. Changing the grading scale to include a plus and minus was a topic discussed with the senators.

The policy governing that when a course has been dropped the course number may not be reissued for 5 years from the effective date will be amended to allow the course number to be immediately reassigned if there was an error in dropping the course.

The South Asian Studies minor was reviewed by AA and will be considered by Faculty Senate. Apparently, the list of approved electives for this minor includes courses that do not consistently include at least 25% South Asian content. The director will be responsible for approving courses that meet the content requirement.

Admissions/ Financial Aid


Registrar (Nielsen)

Enrollment for Spring 2013 continues to take place. There is a strong interest to allow students who are participating in the Honors Program to have priority enrollment. Auten, Keifer, and Nielsen are meeting to examine the changes that would need to take place to accommodate these students. Implementation would take place in Fall 2013 for Spring 2014.

Provost’s Office


Continuing Education (Spire)

DCE contacted their 260 students who reside in the states impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Spire distributed an invitation to attend a roundtable on “Teaching Science Labs at a Distance” to be held on November 9, 11:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m. in the K-State Union room 212.

Educational & Personal Development (Lynch)


New Student Services (Lehning)


Office of Student Life


Information Technology (Stafford)

We have a new information security officer, Robert Vail.

E-mail Task Force continues to meet.

The date for changing your password will roll.


Pence reminded the members to attend the annual holiday lunch scheduled for December 12th in State Room #1.


Pence declared the meeting adjourned at 11:23 p.m.