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Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Steve Dandaneau
103 Leadership Studies
Manhattan, KS 66506


Minutes of September 5, 2005

Al Cochran ( PO )
Monty Nielsen (RO) 
David Delker (TC) 
Karen Pence (HE) 
Kevin Donnelly (AG) 
Mike Perl (ED) 
Ike Ehie (BA)
Betty Stevens (DCE) 
Lynn Ewanow (AR) 
Alice Trussell (AA) 
Ray Hightower (EN) 
Alison Wheatley (AS) 
Mike Lynch (EPDP)


Ronnie Elmore (VM), Larry Moeder (AD), and Jean Sommer (Grad Sch)

Call to Order:

Karen Pence called the meeting to order at 10:35 a.m.


Karen Pence introduced Candace Ortega, Faculty Senate Office Secretary. She will be providing assistance with CAPP minutes. It was decided minutes will be sent to the elected secretary, this year Alison Wheatley, for review and then sent on to members of CAPP within a week following the meeting.


An iSIS meeting will be held on Wed. Sept. 28th from 10:30-11:30 a.m. in 301 Calvin Hall regarding what BA and EN staff have been doing, and what to expect the rest of the year.

Loren Wilson, Shirly Unekis & Gunile DeVault:  Electronic Grade Submission Committee will meet with CAPP in October.

Acceptance of August 10, 2005 minutes:

The minutes stood approved with minor amendments.

Standing Reports:

Admissions/Financial Aid (Moeder)

Not present

Registrar (Nielsen)
  • Alison Wheatley asked about the Undergraduate Catalog not being printed any longer, but only being available on-line. Some in Arts & Sciences do not feel this is the best idea. Monty has surveyed several schools regarding their use of electronic catalogues. Many schools still print a certain number of catalogues for use by new students and others, and everyone has some type of electronic catalogue, with variations in how vibrant or static the catalogues are. Monty will forward information on his findings to CAPP by email. This option will continue to be explored and we will hear more about it in the future.
Academic Affairs/Faculty Senate (Trussell)
  • A friendly amendment will be made to the definitions proposal from CAPP regarding the term "concurrent" and then passed by Academic Affairs to be sent to Faculty Senate. Because LASER will use the term "corequisite," this is the term that will be used for academic definitions. Kevin Donnelly asked if the new definition, "Rec.Pr, recommended prerequisite" could be used for courses presently being processed. Alice stated that she believed that AAC and FS would have no problem approving this and the prerequisite and corequisite definitions.  The consensus was that it would be safe to plan ahead for this being approved and start using these terms in course and curriculum sheets sent for approval to the Academic Affairs Committee. 

  • Senior and Alumni surveys are still being updated. Senior surveys are close to being completed. 

  • An announcement was made at the Faculty Senate meeting yesterday reminding members that course and curriculum changes take time and colleges need to plan ahead for this. There is a possibility in the future of having web-based forms for colleges to use, which would keep the process more consistent.
Continuing Education (Stevens)

No report

Educational & Personal Development (Lynch)

No report

Non-Standard Time Requests:

Kevin Donnelly - AGEC 936 Quantitative Topics in Ag Econ

AGEC 905 Ag Demand & Comm Mktg 
Kevin requested permanent time changes for these courses. Because they are graduate courses, they usually would not even need approval by CAPP, but due to a lack of space, General University Use classrooms will be needed. There was concern about having AGEC 905 from 10:30-11:45. A motion was made to amend the AGEC 905 to 9:30-10:45 and accepted. CAPP then approved both petitions.

Mike Lynch - EDCEP 502 Independent Study in Education

Is: McNair Scholar Seminar 
Mike requested an Independent Study course be approved in order to have a room to meet in for the remainder of the fall semester. They meet for approximately 1 hour 15 minutes at a time that works for all the students involved. Wheatley moved and Ewanow seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Karen Pence - HN 132 Basic Nutrition

Karen informed the committee that a request was made for HN 132 Basic Nutrition to have an evening time for a group final exam in Umberger 105 and the Provost has approved this. CAPP would like to look into the Final Exam policy at some time in the future.

Old Business:


New Business:

  1. Pence/Ortega: University Committee Data Sheet - The current sheet does not make explicit to whom CAPP should report, although Ray Hightower pointed out that the original intent was to have it report to both Faculty Affairs and the Provost. Al Cochran suggested that Faculty Senate President Tom Herald and Provost Nellis visit prior to CAPP making a change in the sheet. The committee will revisit this issue once Al reports back to us on their decision.

  2. Trussell: Reconsider "Proposed Policy for a KSU Certificate Program" - Concern was voiced by Academic Affairs regarding the wording of the second two paragraphs in this proposal. The word "valuable" was suggested to replace "marketable." Academic Affairs would like a member of CAPP to visit their next meeting to clarify this proposal. Ray Hightower volunteered. 

  3. Hightower: SIS records for Office of International Programs (Study Abroad, NSE) - This agenda item was postponed to the October meeting. Ray will have someone from Study Abroad, NSE present for discussion. Alison Wheatley will also have someone from Modern Languages available. 

  4. Wheatley - Prerequisites and The Graduate School:  At the September Deans Council meeting, Ron Trewyn indicated the Graduate School does not want LASER to deny enrollment to graduate classes because of lack of prerequisites.  It was agreed that departments and units need to retain control of enrollment policies for their courses and that 600 and 700 level offerings pose special problems for the undergraduate and graduate students who may enroll in them.  As a possible solution, Ray Hightower pointed out new information shared by Mike Crow that it is possible to tag a course so that enrollment can be achieved by fulfilling the given prerequisites or by having graduate student status.  Cochran will talk to Ron Trewyn and Mike Crow about this possibility.  Cochran also reported that the Provost, after discussing CAPP's May 26 proposal for full implementation of the Oracle Student Solutions module (pre-reqs, etc.) with the Council of Deans, approved the request.

12:00 p.m.

Next Meeting:

October 12, 2005 at 10:30 a.m., Calvin 301