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Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Steve Dandaneau
103 Leadership Studies
Manhattan, KS 66506


Minutes of October 5, 2005

Al Cochran ( PO ) 
Larry Moeder (AD) 
David Delker (TC) 
Monty Nielsen (RO) 
Kevin Donnelly (AG) 
Karen Pence (HE) 
Ike Ehie (BA) 
Dale Shipps (ED)
Ronnie Elmore (VM) 
Linda Morse (DCE) 
Lynn Ewanow (AR) 
Alice Trussell (AA) 
Ray Hightower (EN) 
Alison Wheatley (AS) 
Mike Lynch (EPDP)


Jean Sommer (Grad Sch)

Call to Order:

Karen Pence, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.

Acceptance of September 14, 2005 minutes:

The minutes stood approved as presented.

(10:35) Loren Wilson, Shirley Unekis, Gunile DeVault: Electronic Grade Submission (presentation)

Loren began by giving a brief history of the work on the Electronic Grade Submission project. He also mentioned the names in the sponsorship group. A Power Point presentation was given on the Electronic Grade Submission system and each phase of its implementation. ((Smester course Spring '06; short courses Fall '06; grade changes Spring '07; midterm grades Fall '07). The goal is to eliminate paper forms faculty submission of final grades, grade changes, and midterm grades. Loren gave detailed information on how this system will perform. The EGS interface is totally web based and can be accessed through most web browsers. Faculty can save work on grades before final submission; they can also print out a report of grades for a class. Grades can be imported from K-State Online. Faculty can delegate grade entry to another person, but multiple people cannot enter grades for the same course: only one person per course can enter grades at a time. A pilot test will be run at the end of the Fall 05 semester by various departments within the university. This pilot will allow time for any issues to be addressed prior to going live in Spring 2006. Faculty will have the option in Spring '06 to submit grades on paper, or faculty will have to be certified through training in order to be given access to EGS. Training will be done by face-to-face, through iTAC, and online. Lynn Ewanow raised the question of how dean's offices would know that grades have been submitted. This issue will need to be addressed. A brief demo of the test version of EGS was presented to the committee. A question and answer session took place during and after the presentation.

(11:10) Jenifer Chambers, Carolyn Comiskey, office of International Programs: Designation of Study Abroad and National Student Exchange Program participation (discussion, Hightower)

Ray Hightower passed out a handout for the committee to look at and also discussed his proposal that course titles be changed to reflect a more accurate location of students. Jenifer responded to Ray's suggestions and voiced several concerns about doing this. Alison Wheatley wanted to clarify that the main piece of information Ray wants is the student's location: are they on study abroad or are they on student exchange, etc. He confirmed this would be helpful. Lynn Ewanow felt current procedures keep things at a manageable level. Suggestions were offered by committee members and discussion followed. Alison Wheatley will speak to A&S deans about assigning a DAS course number to the National Student Exchange Program. BA requires that all their students studying abroad sign up for a zero-hour GENBA 375, International Business Experience, so that they can keep track of their students.

Jenifer and Carolyn also mentioned concern about the small number of students who study abroad on their own without enrolling with the Office of International Programs. They are concerned about liability issues as well as tracking how many students do this. CAPP members are also concerned about the issues associated with this. It was offered that possibly some students do this to avoid the $50 application fee and the $250 (summer semester) or $450 (fall/spring semester) fee. Ray Hightower asked if they could give each college a list of their students participating with the Office of International Programs, either in study abroad or NSE. They both responded this could easily be done. Jenifer and Carolyn will give a list to colleges by email before students leave. They also shared with the committee what services they can provide to students involving study abroad and NSE. Alison Wheatley reported that it had just been announced the new K-State Study Abroad program had been cancelled for Spring 06 for lack of student commitment, even though the deadline for students to sign up was still 2 ½ weeks away.

(11:45) Standing Reports:
Admissions/Financial Aid (Moeder)

no report

Registrar (Nielsen)

no report

Academic Affairs/Faculty Senate (Trussell)
  • Jennifer Gehrt has requested to have a CAPP representative on the LASER Steering committee. The committee meets at 1:30 on the last Thursday of the month. Members were told to contact Alice if they are interested.
  • The Executive committee sent back the proposal on Certificates. They want input from the Graduate School . Alice asked if someone could attend the meeting on Oct. 20th in Fairchild Hall. She was also asked whether a degree has to be earned along with or before a certificate is awarded a student. The consensus was that certificates should be tied to degrees, not awarded separately. Ray Hightower offered to attend the graduate meeting. Alice will send him confirmation of time and place.
  • The Senior and Alumni Survey committee is still working on specific surveys.
Provost's Office (Cochran)

The CAPP charge sheet is still being worked on regarding the reporting structure for CAPP. Tom Herald, Faculty Senate President, and Provost Nellis have not had the opportunity to visit about this yet.

Continuing Education (Morse for Stevens)

In the near future the Office of Disability Support Services will also serve distance education courses.

Educational & Personal Development (Lynch)

no report

Non-Standard Time Requests.

Request for Group Final Exam:

HN 132 Basic Nutrition (Pence)
Wheatley made a motion to approve the request for a Group Final Exam on an ongoing basis. The motion was seconded and passed.

Request for S06 Non-standard Class Meeting Time:
COT 150 Humanities through the Arts (Delker)

Delker made a motion to approve this as a one-time request. Motion was seconded and passed.


Request for S06 Non-standard Class Meeting Time:
HORT 775 Plant Nutrition and Nutrition Management (Donnelly)

Donnelly made a motion to approve this as a one-time request. Motion was seconded and passed.

Request for S06 Non-Standard Class Meeting Time:
MC 276 Concepts of Electronic Media Production (Wheatley)

Wheatley made a motion to approve this as a one-time request. Motion was seconded and passed.

Unfinished Business.

Electronic catalog (Wheatley) This will be postponed to next meeting.

New Business.

    1. 18 hour enrollment cap (Trussell, Nielsen, Hightower) This will be postponed to the next meeting.


  1. iSIS transition concerns: Drops/Adds/Withdrawals after first week of classes; assignment of rooms and enrollment numbers to classes (Hightower) This will be postponed to the next meeting.

Emily Lehning (New Student Services) has requested to meet with CAPP on November 9 regarding proposed November orientation and enrollment program.

Kevin Donnelly asked to talk about the new honors program at our next meeting. He wonders whether this new program will need to be approved by Faculty Senate. Al Cochran mentioned Provost Nellis and Tom Herald, Faculty Senate President, have spoken about this.

Ray Hightower passed out an informational handout on Career Assessment Services for the committee.


12:02 p.m.

Next Meeting.

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 
10:30 a.m., Calvin 301