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Committee on Academic Policy and Procedures

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Steve Dandaneau
103 Leadership Studies
Manhattan, KS 66506


Minutes of March 8, 2006

Members present

Al Cochran (PO), David Delker (TC), Kevin Donnelly (AG), Ike Ehie (BA), Lynn Ewanow (AR), Mike Lynch (EDPD), Monty Nielsen (RO), Karen Pence (HE), Mike Perl (ED), Scott Schlender (Grad Sch), Betty Stevens (DCE), Alice Trussell (AA), Alison Wheatley (AS)


Ronnie Elmore (VM), Ray Hightower (EN), Larry Moeder (AD)

Call to Order

Karen Pence, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:35 a.m.


Minutes of February 8, 2006 were approved as distributed.


Loren Wilson - Electronic Grade Submission

Loren Wilson gave the committee an update on how the Electronic Grade Submission (EGS) system is progressing. A successful pilot session was conducted with 21 pilot instructors. Over 1600 grades for 71 sections were entered. The session overall went very smoothly. Training will be required before any instructor is given access to the EGS system. Two training methods are available; in person or online. The training sessions will cover things such as how to access the system and understanding and applying the Registrar's policies regarding grade changes, as well as various other topics. He mentioned there is a need to get the word out to faculty that the EGS system is available this spring semester for use. The hope is to move to all electronic grade submissions in the future, but this will not be the case for this coming Fall semester. Nielsen thanked Loren and his office for their hard work on this project. Delker was involved in the pilot session and also thanked Loren for his efforts. Committee members discussed various items including how a college can confirm an instructor has submitted the grades electronically. Currently faculty keep a carbon copy of grade sheets submitted and provide the departmental office or dean's office with a carbon copy. The EGS system will allow faculty to print off grades before submission; faculty can be asked to print TWO copies - one as the instructor's copy and one for department/dean's office records. General consensus was that more email reminders may be necessary at first. Loren will take the comments received here back to his office.

Standing Reports

Admissions/Financial Aid (Moeder)

No report

Registrar (Nielsen)

update on iSIS

Nielsen updated the committee on the LASER project. The project is on hold at this point due to serious concerns about several modules. Some concerns also have come from other campuses. People Soft Campus Solutions, which also is an Oracle product, is being evaluated as a possible alternative to OSS . LASER project director Jennifer Gehrt, Vice Provost Unger and Vice President Krause are involved in resolution of other major issues. More information may be available in late March or April. Nielsen commented that the iSIS task force is still encouraged to meet and discuss important issues while this process is underway.. Schlender reported from his review of the Campus Solutions software it seems much more user friendly. A formal decision has not been made yet regarding possible changes. Nielsen will update us with more information when he receives it.

Enrollment will begin soon and the Registrar's office will provide enrollment overload lists as in the past.

Academic Affairs/Faculty Senate (Trussell)

A finalized version of the fast track form and a set of instructions were distributed to committee members for their information. This form and set of instructions will be sent out electronically to course and curriculum contacts for distribution to deans and department heads. Changes submitted on earlier versions of the form do not have to be resubmitted. The latest version with instructions will be helpful for colleges who have not already begun changes to their pre and co requisites.

Academic Affairs noticed recently that some impact statements on green and white sheets are indicating it is the impacted college's responsibility to contact the college making the change if there are impact concerns. However, policy states that the college making the change is to consult the college being impacted. Trussell encouraged committee members to take this information back to their colleagues to ensure proper procedure is followed in the future.

Provost's Office (Cochran)

No report

Continuing Education (Stevens)

No report

Educational & Personal Development (Lynch)

No report

Non-Standard Time Requests


Unfinished Business

Update on Academic Definitions (Hightower)

Not present. Nielsen mentioned this may need to be temporarily put on hold due to the possible change with the LASER system.

New Business

Final exam policy for courses that begin before 5:00 pm and meet once a week (Pence, E. Dodd ) -

Pence distributed a letter from Elizabeth Dodd, College of Arts & Sciences, expressing concern about the current requirement for courses that meet "once a week beginning before 5 pm" to schedule final exams during the last week of classes, which eliminates the equivalent of a week of instruction and conflicts with the university policy requiring that no exams be scheduled within the seven calendar days prior to final exam week. CAPP agreed that the concern is valid and policy needs to be reviewed. Nielsen suggested doing some research first before recommending a solution, to determine how many courses meet just once a week, credit hours per course (weekly instructional time), potential exam conflicts that may be caused by moving all exams to final exam week, and possible strategies for resolving those conflicts. Pence will contact Gunile DeVault in the Registrar's office to get a meeting together in order to discuss possible solutions to this problem. Pence will respond to Dodd that CAPP will work on resolving the problem for future semesters. However, once the final exam time has been published, it can be changed only with the concurrence of the Provost, so for S06 Semester, CAPP recommends that she contact Provost Nellis to request specific alternate exam times that do not cause exam time conflicts for the students enrolled in the courses.

CAPP representative for task force - to discuss formation and membership needs of a committee to make recommendations for changes to the Approval, Routing and Notification Policy (course and curriculum changes) (Pence)

Tom Herald and Alice Trussell have called a meeting to discuss the formation and membership needs of a committee to recommend changes to the Approval, Routing and Notification Policy. A CAPP representative is requested to attend the meeting on Tuesday, March 14, 12:00 - 1:00 pm in Cottonwood Room (lunch provided). Mike Perl volunteered to attend this meeting as a representative for CAPP.


Wheatley: She and Phil Hughes have identified approximately 15 athletes who will not be able to attend May graduation ceremonies due to conflicting athletic events. Plans have begun to have an alternate graduation for these students. Deans will be receiving information regarding this event. It will be hosted at the Alumni Center on Tuesday, May 16 th at 10:30 a.m.

Adjournment Meeting was adjourned at 11:35

Next Meeting. April 12, 2006

10:30 a.m., Calvin 301