Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Steve Dandaneau
103 Leadership Studies
Manhattan, KS 66506


Minutes of January 18, 2006

Members present:

Al Cochran (PO), David Delker (TC), Kevin Donnelly (AG), Maureen Herspring (AR), Ray Hightower (EN), Mike Lynch (EDPD), Monty Nielsen (RO), Karen Pence (HE), Mike Perl (ED), Carol Shanklin (Grad Sch), Betty Stevens (DCE), Alice Trussell (AA), Alison Wheatley (AS)


Ike Ehie (BA), Ronnie Elmore (VM), Larry Moeder (AD)

Call to Order:

Karen Pence, Chair, called the meeting to order at 10:35 a.m.


Additions: Designation of on-line courses on transcripts from other institutions, and enrollment of international students.


The December 14, 2005 minutes stood approved as distributed. The committee decided to no longer have a print copy of the minutes distributed at each meeting. Members will print off their own copy from the electronic distribution.


Wheatley introduced Mark Shreve who will be taking Diane Barker's place.

Standing Reports
Admissions/Financial Aid (Moeder)

no report

Registrar (Nielsen)

Nielsen spoke about LASER and OSS implementation. Version M is in the process of being reviewed. He discussed go-live dates for areas throughout the university. He also discussed the challenges of integrating DARS with iSIS/OSS.

Academic Affairs/Faculty Senate (Trussell)

•  LASER, prerequisites and Academic Affairs

At the Faculty Senate meeting on January 17, 2006 the revised standards for Graduation Honors, Course and Curriculum procedure changes related to assessment, and the enrollment cap proposals (with clarification of inclusion of waitlisted courses) were all passed. Trussell commented that now the major issue which Academic Affairs will be dealing with is how to find a way to streamline all the prerequisite and corequisite changes that colleges may request for implementation in iSIS . Nielsen asked about effective dates for both the Graduation Honors and Enrollment Cap proposals. The effective date will be fall 2006 for both proposals. Nielsen asked about course descriptions matching the printed catalog if changes are not accepted in time to meet the catalog deadline. Trussell commented this is a valid concern Academic Affairs will be discussing. Committee members offered comments on how the undergraduate catalog is maintained and whether the current process is sufficient. Graduate course prerequisites were also discussed. This discussion elicited a variety of comments from committee members. A lengthy discussion ensued regarding prerequisites on graduate courses.

Pence commented that a streamlined process for changes affecting only prerequisites in the course description is a good idea. Nielsen questioned whether changes beyond designating course prerequisites as "recommended" instead of required should still go through normal channels. He thinks it is important everyone has a clear understanding about what can be streamlined, and what will require full documentation.

Trussell pointed out it will be very important to communicate with students about changes in prerequisites. Nielsen commented that even though the catalog contains a disclaimer that it is not a contract, many students and faculty view it as such. Cochran suggested CAPP help create a template for this streamline process. Discussion moved on to how these courses should be listed on green and white sheets. Trussell responded this is where the decision needs made. According to current procedure, the catalog description is to be listed on green and white sheets when any changes are made to it, including prerequisites. The Academic Affairs Committee will inform Colleges of submission requirements.

Provost's Office (Cochran)

no report

Continuing Education (Stevens)

Stevens gave the committee updates on the agreements between Kansas State University and China, and with the US Army for eArmy. She also reviewed the distance education programs offered by K-State.

Educational & Personal Development (Lynch)

no report.

Non-Standard Time Requests
ENGL 525

Women in Literature. A motion was made by Hightower and seconded by Donnelly to approve the non-standard time request on a one-time basis. Motion carried.

ENGL 650.

Amer Lit, 1965-present and ENGL 825 SEM: Spenser/Milton. A motion was made by Wheatley and seconded by Hightower to approve the non-standard time request on a one-time basis. Motion carried.

SPAN 161, SPAN 162, SPAN 165, and SPAN 261.

A request to schedule group finals beginning Spring 2006 was made for these courses. A motion was made by Wheatley and seconded by Cochran to approve this request pending room availability and that flexibility be given to students if they have already made prior commitments due to the short notice. Motion failed.

Unfinished Business.

Academic definitions - draft from October 2004

A draft of academic definitions distributed in October 2004 during the development of policy revisions for standard class meeting times was shared. Ray Hightower will revise and expand the list for discussion at a later meeting.

New Business
    1. Designating on-line courses on transcripts from other institutions: Wheatley gave the committee one example of this problem in the Division of Biology. Concerns about the quality of lab experiences in the distance education version of a microbiology course offered by Barton County Community College has lead the Division of Biology to revoke the transfer equivalency of the course even though the campus-based version is acceptable, because there is no way to distinguish between the two versions by reviewing the transcript. Stevens suggested the Division of Biology contact Barton County Community College in this instance. Hightower suggested working with individual schools to resolve the problem and if this does not clear up the issue CAPP can discuss it at a later time.


  1. Enrollment of international students (Hightower): This will be discussed at the next meeting.
iSIS Task Force will meet on Wednesday, January 25 from 10:00 to noon in SEATON 113.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:05

Next Meeting.

February 8, 2005 at 10:30 a.m., Calvin 301