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K-State's event calendar

Getting started with K-State's event calendar

Be sure to review the tips before adding events to the calendar.

Adding events to your calendar
  1. Sign in to the calendar system with your eID and password:
  2. You should see two calendars in your My Calendars on the left:
    • All Events
    • Your unit
  3. Click Add New Event in the upper left to add an event to your calendar.
  • Purple* fields are required.

  • Title: Be brief and concise, and don't force the reader to guess. Use a colon to separate title elements such as Lecture: How to use pulse. Use beginning upper case, not all caps.

  • Occurs: Start date is required. Start time is important in most cases. End time is optional. End date is not necessary in most cases because the default end date is the start date. All day is for an event that is not time specific. Repeat is a drop down menu for events that repeat on a schedule such as each week or for several consecutive days.

  • Description: You can put any text in this field including links, bold and italic. Be selective and don’t repeat information in other fields.

  • Type is not required but the future updates will have additional filtering capabilities that will be very useful. Choose all that apply.

  • Audience: Select as many as appropriate, but please be selective.

  • Event Website should always be a specific page about the event. If there isn't one, leave this field blank. Prefer linking to a K-State website.

  • Cost is not required, but should be included for events that have a fee.

  • Location: Select campus (required) and building. Enter room, if known. If the location is not on campus, select "off-campus" and another field will be provided for the full address for the event.

  • Photos will be sized to 80 pixels X 80 pixels when displayed. Please adjust your file size prior to uploading.

  • Video: not active at this time.

  • Sponsor can be multiple units, including campus organizations.

  • Event Contact is not required and shouldn't be used unless there is a specific contact for that event other than what's listed on the website or in the content area.

  • Calendars is where the event will appear. The event will automatically appear on the full university calendar. If you want the event to show up on the homepage calendar, you can add "Homepage calendar" to the recommended calendars and it will be reviewed by the homepage calendar managers.

  • Owner is who entered and therefore can edit the event. There can only be one owner for each event.

Send email to:

  • When you're ready for your calendar to go live
  • If you know of an area/sponsor that needs to be added
  • If there's a central event/set of events that you can't find
  • Have a Type suggestion
  • Or have any other questions