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Overview of budget transfers

Colleges and departments use budget transfers to move budget and cash for allocated funds only from one FIS (Financial Information System) multi-segment account to another within the same state fund/source. The link to the side will take you to the Allocated Budget Transfer Form on the Controller's Office website. The transfer instructions will be updated later with the new process.

Currently, the budget transfer process is completely electronic with each department/college designating an employee to approve transfers and send them to the Budget Office to be uploaded.

Budget Object Codes

Allocated Budget Transfers

B1000 - USS Salaries

B1100 - Unclassified Salaries

B1200 - Student Salaries


Allocated Budget Transfers

R6551 - Revenue Increase

R6652 - Revenue Decrease 


FIS Information

Fund Information

Allocated/Non-Allocated Funds (xls)

Training Information

Understanding Budgets in FIS (Powerpoint)