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Annual Budget Preparation

The Budget Office is responsible for preparing Kansas State University's operating budget each fiscal year. The Budget Office tracks the appropriation legislation each session to estimate the fiscal impact on K-State. In the spring, the Budget Office participates in visits with each budgetary unit to discuss fiscal and technical issues. Mid-March the Budget Office distributes the first budget proof for departments to review for changes and adjustments that have occurred since the prior year's completed annual budget.

At the end of each legislative session (hopefully by the end of April), the Budget Office calculates the fiscal impact to each budgetary unit for the new fiscal year. Central administration provides any new funding distributions that are to be included in the new fiscal year budget. Funding allocations are prepared and distributed to each budgetary unit by mid-May to assist departments in setting unclassified salaries and completing the operating budget for the next fiscal year that begins in July.

Unclassified salaries are entered by the end of the first week in June. Budgetary units return their budget forms with the changes and additional funding included. The Budget Office balances each budgetary unit to their allocation and does a final balance to each fund. By mid-to-late July the allocated funds are downloaded into the University's accounting system (FIS). The University operating budget is completed and distributed to units by mid-August.

Budget Information

Fringe Benefits Rates (PDF)

Budget Reports Summary (PDF)

Online Proof Instructions (PDF)

Online Entry Area Instructions (PDF)

FY 2019 Annual Budget Planning Calendar (PDF)