Poems, Songs, and Chants (Original Works)

Founders' Chant

In February 2005
 8 blessed sisters changed their lives.

They formed Blessed Sisters in Christ
to help with their walk while serving Christ.

Blessed Sisters became Beta Sigma Chi
because the Lord placed a ministry in their eyes.

With a love for the Lord and a love for mankind,
academic success wasn't hard to find.

Now you see why we wear this pink and brown,
because we follow His word and we are Heaven bound.

We're chosen to serve our God
through Beta Sigma Chi cause we're set apart.

Beta Sigma Chi Christian Sorority Inc., 2005 (Founder Kendra Spencer)

My Vow

You're worthy of all praise,
for your mercy and your grace.
Though I've never seen your face,
I take take this vow today and say...

I give you all, for you're worthy of all glory.
I give you all, for I owe you my life.
Lord, you nailed my sins to that rugged cross,
I'll never know how much it cost.
My heart, my mind, my soul, my will, my life...
It all belongs to you.

Founder Dametria Steele, 2005


The Good News

 If you ain't heard about the Good News,
Jesus Christ he died for you.

 Beta Sigma Chi is here to say,
 our Savior is coming back someday.

So we must live according to His word,
so we can be together on one accord.

On judgment day we want to see you,
in Heaven with our Savior and that's the Good News!

  Beta Sigma Chi Christian Sorority Inc., 2005 (Founder Kendra Spencer)


 The Path

 Obedience is Vital throughout this walk with Christ,
 though none of us are perfect, we're all Prototypes;
made in His image but strayed away so far,
 like the Prodigal daughter, I can live like this no longer.

Shut up in my bones a flame has Ignited
 and deep down in my heart my Silent Praise becomes excited.
I can no longer sit  back and watch,
 its time for a change...
Beta Sigma Chi Christian Sorority is calling my name.

 Founded on the Truth
and every Righteous Verse of the word,
 a foundation not to be tampered,
a word destined to be heard.

So, with True Insight a visions made clear
 and like Heaven's Lyrics you'll finally hear
8 great Pearls with Wisdom exclaim,
"Yes K-State, it is time for a change!"
This time that change comes in Jesus' name.

Beta Sigma Chi Christian Sorority Inc., 2005  (Soror Akeia Haddox-Rossiter)

January 2012, Beta Sigma Chi Christian Sorority, Inc.