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Division of Biology

Research Experiences for Course Credit

Problems in Biology (BIOL 698) is a mechanism for undergraduate students to gain course credit for the time spent working on research projects in a faculty member's research program. That research effort can be at the lab bench or in the field and includes reading and writing needed for the project.  BIOL 698 credit can be earned through research conducted within the Division of Biology or in biology-related departments such as chemistry, psychology, entomology, or veterinary medicine.

Typically, the student is given one hour of graded credit for every three to four hours they work on research each week. For example, a student enrolled in BIOL 698 for three credits typically works 9 to 12 hours per week in the faculty member's research program. For students within any of the three biology majors in the Division of Biology, only three to six credit hours of BIOL 698 can be used to fulfill the requirement of upper division biology electives.

Enrollment in BIOL 698 Problems in Biology is by instructor permission.  To enroll in the course, do the following:

  1. Consult your advisor or another faculty member, or the Office of Undergraduate Studies at 785-532-5718 or email biology@ksu.edu

  2. Ask the faculty member who will be overseeing your research work to sign a course permission form.  Forms are available inside of or in the magazine rack outside of the Office of Undergraduate Studies, 103 Ackert Hall. 

  3. Take the signed permission form to the Office of Undergraduate Studies, where you will be given electronic permission to enroll.