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Division of Biology

Division of Biology
Kansas State University
116 Ackert Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-6653 fax

Admissions FAQ

How do I apply to Kansas State University?

All of the information you need to apply to K-State can be found at Admissions.

How do I declare a biology major?

Ready to become a Division of Biology Wildcat? There are three degree programs offered by the Division of Biology: Biology, Microbiology, or Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation. You can list any of these as your major when you complete your application paperwork. You can also find information on declaring and/or changing your major at the Academic Career and Information Center.

Already a K-State student? To officially change your major or add a biology major as a second degree plan, you must contact the Dean's Office of your present major. We can help you do this.

Can I minor in Biology?

Definitely. A Biology minor requires 21 credit hours. Learn about our minor program.

Additional Questions?

If you have questions that are not addressed on this page, please contact our Office of Undergraduate Studies at 785-532-5718 and ask to speak to an advisor.