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Division of Biology

Division of Biology
Kansas State University
116 Ackert Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506
785-532-6653 fax

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Division of Biology is currently the academic home to over 800 undergraduate students in three majors: Biology; Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology; and Microbiology (see requirements below). The Division of Biology also offers a minor in Biology and a concurrent B.S./M.S. Degree program. The three biology majors include common requirements for foundational biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics courses, while at the same time offering significant flexibility for each student to take courses that align with their interests and long-term goals. Students should see their advisor(s) each semester before enrollment to plan for the semester ahead.

Students can declare a biology major when completing their application paperwork to Kansas State University. For current K-State students wishing to officially change their major or add a biology major as a second degree plan, they should contact the Dean's Office of their present major.

To add a minor in biology, students need to directly contact the Division of Biology's Office of Undergraduate Studies in 103 Ackert Hall or call 785-532-5817.

Biology Degrees: Required Courses


Here are samplecurriculum flowcharts. NOTE: There is significant variation and flexibility in coursework for each major, and students should consult with an advisor to develop graduation plans specific to their needs.