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Division of Biology

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Career opportunities for FWCB majors

State and federal government agencies, non-profit conservation organizations and ecological consulting firms all employ FWCB students that have graduated from our program. Many students are accepted into graduate programs prior to entering their professional careers and some student pursue a career in academia. Most employers of our students are stewards of the natural resources and focus on both species exploited by humans for recreation and consumption as well as the conservation of threatened species. Examples of agencies that have employed graduates of our FWCB programs include:

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism
Kansas Department of Health and Environment
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
National Parks Service
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Bureau of Land Management
U.S. Department of Defense
The Nature Conservancy
Private consulting firms

Here are a few testimonials from K-State FWCB alumni:

Allie Bays Tilson
Guest Engagement Aide at the National Aquarium in Baltimore
KSU BS Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology 2014

"My time here gave me multiple opportunities to start my career in conservation. The classes, extracurriculars and people I met here are exceptional and provide a great foundation in the wildlife community. I have had the pleasure of having multiple opportunities in various aspects within the field of biology. I greatly enjoyed them all and it began with the lessons and people I met here. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for a future in wildlife, fisheries, conservation, or animal care."

Eric A. Strauss, PhD
Professor, Department of Biology
Assistant Director, UWL River Studies Center
Professor of Biology and Assistant Director of River Studies Center, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse
KSU BS Fisheries Biology 1992; KSU MS Biology 1995; Notre Dame PhD Biology 2000

"I consider it a privilege to have a career that investigates and teaches about the natural ecosystems based on the world's most precious natural resource: water. The fisheries program at Kansas State provided me the academic and research foundation that was extremely valuable in preparing me for my career in the aquatic sciences. I especially valued the mentoring from the knowledgeable faculty and the hands-on learning opportunities out in the streams, rivers, and lakes. The K-State fisheries program is among the best!"

Courtney Tobler
Water chemist
Konza Prairie Long-term Ecological Research program

"The Fisheries Biology program at Kansas State played a pivotal role in my education. After receiving a B.S. degree, I continued on to graduate school at the University of Oklahoma where I obtained a M.S. degree in Fish Ecology."

Dr. Michelle Evans-White
Professor, University of Arkansas
KSU BS Biology/Biochemistry 1997; KSU MS Biology 2000; Notre Dame PhD Biology 2005

"The KSU Division of Biology Fisheries and Wildlife faculty are world-class scientists and mentors that work closely with students, stakeholders and managers. They played a huge role in helping me to get where I am today."

Ben Neely
Fisheries Research Biologist
Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism

"The fisheries and wildlife biology program at Kansas State University provided me with the knowledge, experience, and opportunity to pursue my dream career path in fisheries science."

Brandon Senger
Supervising Fisheries Biology
Nevada Department of Wildlife

"Through the fisheries program at K-State, I've learned the principles of aquatic ecology and fisheries management. I gained invaluable research and field work experience, which gave me a leg-up when starting my career as a fisheries professional. My education through K-State's fisheries program continues to be the foundation of my career as a Supervisory Fisheries Biologist."