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Division of Biology

Student Organizations

Biology clubs and organizations are a great way to meet students with shared interests, as well as professional biologists in an informal setting, and also serve as an excellent way to find out about career opportunities and what it takes to make a career in your area of interest.

  • Alpha Epsilon Delta – This is a national honor society for students interested in careers in health care professions, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, and others. The Kansas Alpha chapter of AED at K-State is both a club for students interested in learning about and preparing for health careers, and an honor society for students who have met certain criteria for initiation. All members participate in bi-monthly meetings, perform campus and community service, and learn from invited speakers. For more information, email aed@k-state.edu or call (785) 532-6900.

  • Microbiology Club – Students do not have to be microbiology majors to join – everyone who has an interest in microorganisms is welcome. For more information, contact the club faculty advisor, Dr. Martha Smith Caldas.

  • Student Chapter of the American Fisheries Society – The K-State student subunit was established within the Kansas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society (KSAFS), which is committed to the conservation and sustainability of our fisheries resources and aquatic ecosystems by uniting fisheries professionals together in Kansas. The subunit actively involves students in the American Fisheries Society and is dedicated to advancing fisheries and aquatic science through the professional development of students. Membership is open to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled throughout Kansas' colleges and universities. For more information, contact club faculty advisor Dr. Keith Gido.

  • Student Chapter of the Wildlife Society – The student chapter is a subunit of the Wildlife Society, whose mission is to represent and serve the professional community of scientists, managers, educators, technicians, planners, and others who work actively to study, manage, and conserve wildlife and habitats worldwide. Any K-State student interested in wildlife or fisheries biology may join; you do not have to be a Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology major. Meeting coverage includes KSU-SCTWS concerns, guest speakers, and activities. For more information, contact the club faculty advisor, Dr. Dave Haukos.