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Division of Biology

Biology Abroad

The first question to ask yourself is do you want to study, do research, or engage in service learning such as internships or shadowing?


Our students take classes all over the world at universities with strong science programs in the United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, Ecuador, and more.

Highlighted programs:

Faculty-led programs: In past semesters, Division of Biology faculty have led short (two week) summer courses in South Africa, Brazil, and Ecuador. Check with your advisor to see what exciting courses might be offered next, or check all current K-State faculty-led programs and see if anything is a good fit.

K-State in the Galapagos: If you’d like to study tropical ecology, marine biology, or wildlife conservation at the “Center of the World,” check out this program. It offers full semesters of hands-on biology coursework, and you can choose to emphasize tracks in tropical terrestrial or marine ecology.


There are many in-house opportunities to get involved in research: talk to your biology advisor to find out more. There are also opportunities for research experience abroad. For example, for students in microbiology there is an affordable summer research internship program at Masaryk University, a K-State exchange partner in the Czech Republic. Other programs for biology and microbiology students exist in Australia, and for students interested in field work and research related to wildlife management, conservation, or marine ecology, the School for Field Studies might be a good fit. 

Internships and Shadowing

Meet with an education abroad advisor to explore your interests. Some placement options can be viewed here. For example, many K-State affiliates offer service-learning placements where you can shadow professionals in healthcare-related fields. This is an excellent way to do good work, learn about your field of interest, and gain an international experience. Depending on the internship or experience, you may be eligible to get course credit by simultaneously enrolling in BIOL 495 Topics in Biology. Meet with your biology advisor to see if that option applies to you.


Check out K-State Education Abroad and set up an appointment with an education abroad advisor to learn more about these and the many other opportunities available. Costs vary by program, and scholarships and financial assistance may be available.