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Division of Biology


Division of Biology Seminars are held Mondays at 3:30pm in Ackert 221, unless otherwise noted (virtual seminars will be streamed online with Zoom; a link provided in announcement).  Additional seminars and events (eg. defenses, special seminars, workshops) taking place in the Division of Biology can be found in the events feed to the right, along with more detailed information.

Aug 23Govind Vediyappan
Kansas State UniversityT/P
Sep 20Jeremy Wilusz
University of PennsylvaniaAnna Zinovyeva
Sep 27Sarah EvansMichigan State UniversityMatthew Nieland
Oct 4Lesley Weaver
Indiana University BloomingtonKristin Michel
Oct 18Barbara Valent
Kansas State UniversityGovind Vediyappan
Oct 25Mary O’RiordanUniversity of MichiganSteph Shames
Nov 1Yasir Ahmed
Syracuse UniversityMichi Tobler
Nov 8Aman Y. HusbandsOhio State UniversityKathrin Schrick
Dec 6Melissah Rowe
Netherlands Institute of EcologyJohn Coffin