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Division of Biology

Division of Biology
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Open House 2021

Welcome to Biology Open House! 

Thank you for coming! We are excited to have you join us as we showcase biology student organizations, share perspectives from current students, give you a virtual tour of Ackert Hall, take you behind closed doors into some of our research labs, and much more. See below for our pre-recorded videos and the full schedule of live events.

Biology Videos

Click the links below to watch short videos about biology student organizations, and check out activities you can do at home.

Get to know our Biology Student Organizations

The Division of Biology has four student organizations: the Biology Ambassadors, the Fisheries Society, the Microbiology club, and The Wildlife Society. Click the links to learn about the organizations from current members. For more information about any of these organization, we’ve included email contact information.

Biology Activities you can do at home

Have fun at home with your child! We have included the video for you to follow along, a short description, material needed, and the intended age group for each activity.

Make it Rain Indoors! – with Drew (sophomore in Biology)
Water can exist in many different stages and in this case, we will examine liquid and gas forms of water! Using heated water, water vapor (formed from the heated water) and ice we will make water droplets run down the side of the glass, like rain. This demonstration allows us to picture how the rain cycle works right in front of us.
Materials needed: a jar (like a mason jar), a ceramic plate, water and ice.
Audience: Community (Children 4-7). Parental supervision needed.

How do Penguins Stay Dry? – with Elise (senior in Biology)

Penguins have special oil-producing glands that protect their feathers from water and keep them dry. In this experiment, we’ll draw and color a penguin, then spray it with water to see this mechanism in action. The wax from crayons creates a protective layer on the penguin and the paper will not absorb the water.
Materials needed: a piece of paper, crayons, spray bottle, and water. Food coloring is optional.
Audience: Community (Children 3-6).

Live Biology Events

Join us for our live events during Open House! Included in the schedule are the day and time, a Zoom link, a short description, and the intended audience for each event. 

Animal Adaptations with The Wildlife Society

Time: Thursday, Apr 8,2021  06:30 – 07:00 PM Central Time
Link: https://ksu.zoom.us/j/98707869542
Description: Join the K-State Student Chapter of The Wildlife Society as they share information about live animals and preserved specimens, and discuss basic physiological adaptations.
Audience: Community Members (Children/Youth)

Biology Student Panel

Time: Apr 9, 2021 04:00 – 05:00 PM Central Time
Link: https://ksu.zoom.us/j/94666735515
Description: Come learn what it’s like to be a biology major at K-State! Join a Q&A with a panel of current students in all three of our majors (Biology; Microbiology; Fisheries, Wildlife, Conservation, and Environmental Biology), and opt into breakout rooms for small group time to chat about your interests. Breakout rooms include: Human health, Veterinary medicine, Microbiology, and Wildlife/Conservation.
Audience: Prospective Students

What's going on in Biology? Live Tour of Ackert Hall  

Time: Apr 10, 2021 11:00 – 11:30 AM Central Time
Link: https://ksu.zoom.us/j/93714124015  
Description: Join us in exploring the classrooms and labs of Ackert Hall. As we enter each space, current students will share their experiences in their core courses, including classes like Principles of Biology, Microbiology, Human Body, and Organismic Biology.
Audience: Prospective Students 

Behind closed doors - Tour of a mammalogy research lab

Time: Apr 10, 2021 01:00 – 01:40 PM Central Time
Description: Join a K-State biology student on a tour of his research lab! Learn about how studying small mammals along with their associated parasites and viruses can improve wildlife management and conservation.
Audience: Community Members, Prospective Students, Alumni

Behind closed doors - Tour of a cancer research lab

Time: Apr 10, 2021 02:00 – 02:40 PM Central Time
Link: https://ksu.zoom.us/j/92383125278
Description: Join a K-State biology student on a tour of her research lab! Learn about what students do when studying human papillomavirus (HPV) and how viruses can cause cancer!
Audience: Community Members, Prospective Students, Alumni