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is a federally funded Title III grant which supports a Career Ladder Project. This project will certify/endorse and sponsor 37 students to earn a B.S. in education and become qualified, bilingual/ESL endorsed teachers.

Recruit, prepare and mentor secondary students and paraprofessionals for teaching careers in Bilingual Education in order to increase the quality of Bilingual education for CLD students in Kansas.

Kansas State University Faculty Quotes:

"BESITOS is a wonderful program. I was able to showcase this program when speaking with the visitors for the NCATE evaluation. Second, I am able to talk with students who are looking into education about the wonderful benefits of the program. Third, I was able to speak with the Manhattan/Ogden school Superintendent about the benefits of this program. Next, I was able to talk to several people about the placement rate for BESITOS graduates: 100%! Finally, I believe that BESITOS has caused us to see the need to assist students in an impactful way with passing the PPST. I do not feel that a test should determine whether these students can be a success--they are already successful! We just have to make sure this is a small hurdle, not an impenetrable wall. Congratulations."

"Overall, it is a program that is being used as an example of one of K-State's excellent programs for underrepresented groups. I hear this across campus."

"The program has served the university very well in terms of its first purpose. I also want to emphasize, however, that it has served as an example, even a model. I have told many people about it in that context. I know, for example, that the Developing Scholars Program is working on a grant with the community colleges in southwest Kansas and in Kansas City that uses some of the early recruitment strategies that characterize BESITOS. I also know that the College of Agriculture is building a much more aggressive approach to diversity in the college as well as in AES and CES. One of the things he is looking at is collaboration with some southwest Kansas community colleges in recruitment of Hispanic students. It seems to me that your model could be a good one for them."